Chapter 2: Marie

"Char stop playing with me!" I shouted as I walked down one of the hallways. Then I heard her scream.  Before I could process any thought whatsoever, I ran towards the screaming. Knives from the knife holder were flying straight towards me and Char. I jumped on her as soon as I saw it. "Are you trying to get hit? Stay down!" I hissed as I began to push her towards the sink.  

All the knives that were floating in mid-air all crashed to the ground suddenly with a clank. The whole house was silent as we lay on the wooden floor. What seemed like an hour passed and I helped Char up. "You okay? Any cuts?" I asked as I spun her around. 

"I'm fine, I'm fine." She assured, grabbing one of the knifes. "Can we leave now?" 

"Not yet. I have to get some answers." I walked back at the table. "Come on." I urged. 

"Oh no. I am not risking my life again." 

"Come on! I need to know!" 

"Fine! But as soon as you get your future told we are leaving!"  

"Great. Put your fingers on the planchette." 

"Really now?" she mumbled sarcastically. 

"Okay shut up. Time to start." I said anxiously "Alice, are you there?" The piece moved across the board to 'Yes'. "Who did that?" The piece again moved across the board. But slowly, and with accuracy. 'J.A.C.K' 

"Who's Jack?" 


“Why did he try to hurt us?" At first there was no movement. "Why did he try to hurt us?" I repeated. 


"What do you mean?" There was again no answer.  

Before I could repeat my question I froze where I was. The shatter of glass made me jump, knocking the table over.  

Before having a chance to pick the table up, it was thrown across the room by an invisible force. The song being sung in my head had no way out. The two lines would not stop, when sung once; it would start over and over again.  

Run, run as fast as you can. Now to be caught by the madman. The little children's voices softened. The front door opened, then slammed closed. Weird thing was, no one was controlling it. Then there was another manly voice.  

"The madman has returned my dear." 

“Shall you be next, your time is near.  

Step right up to the plate. 

For you are next to lose your fate." 

It was haunting and made the chills return. 

"Who are you?" I asked daringly. No answer was given as the voices chimed in "Run, run as fast as you can. Now to be caught by the madman."  

Replaying, embedded in my head, I was ready to surrender to death. A knife slid past my head, hitting a wall behind. Another into my shoulder, making me scream in pain. But Char was the only one that heard my screams and she was in danger herself. I fell to my knees, giving in. "Giving in so easily?" 

"Yes." I whimpered. "Just get it over with." 

"Well your death shall be short, but helping me on the other side is next." I felt the final knife, the Death Knife.  

It slid right into my chest without any trouble. The world blacked out for a moment, then I was standing beside my motionless body.

The End

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