Chapter 1: Marie

When Marie and Char enter The Asylum to figure out how their deceased parents are doing, they run into trouble from the other realm. When the Madman tries to kill Marie, Derek has to step in. Char begins having trouble when her power begins to find her, and eat her alive. Will Marie get out of The Insane Asylum? Will Char learn to control the over-abusive magic inside her?

The ice-cold doorknob made my hand freeze in place. I have no clue why we had decided to go here. 'The abandoned insane asylum was the one place I would go.' I thought sarcastically. The wind sent chills down my spine, shaking my mind and body. I had to go in sometime today if I didn't want to freeze. Char stood quietly behind. She was my best friend; of course I was going to force her to come. The door opened with the slight creaking I was expecting, but it still made me jump.  

I stepped inside, Char shutting the door behind us. We both took in our surroundings. It was dark and there were two stairways leading to the upper floor. I drop my Ouija Board on the floor as I begin wrapping my head around this place. Walking through it all seemed so weird. The vacancy sent the all-too-noticeable chills down my spine. My boots clicking into rhythm with my steps. I walked straight into the kitchen. The warm feeling of a family kitchen was nowhere present.  

Char and I set up the board on the dusty kitchen table just before the sunset. Watching the only orange orb keeping the building from complete darkness fade away took all the courage I had. Sitting beyond the dusty, old abandoned kitchen we began to communicate with the dark spirits lingering within the very soul of the space. "Ready to start?" I asked trying to keep my voice from quivering. 

"Whatever gets us out of here quicker." her voice was surprisingly steady as we placed our fingers on the planchette. 

"I'll speak. Just keep your fingers on the board and stay quiet. Whatever you do, don't talk and don't remove your fingers." I said firmly as I cleared my throat, ready to begin. "Is anyone here?" I asked loudly, my voice echoing through the endless halls. 

"Is anyone here?" I repeated without hope. Suddenly the planchette began to move.  

YES. The thing slid across the board straight to the word.  

"What's your name?" A.L.I.C.E 

"Alice." I breathed to myself. "Alice? How old are you?" Moving its way to the numbers. '12.' 

"Well nice to meet you Alice. I'm Marie." I sounded out causally. 

'We all know who you are.' The board spelled it out plain and simple. 

"Who do you mean by we?" 'The people that were killed here.' It took a while to process the words. "What happened?" I was growing concerned.  

'Killed each other.' 


"What do you mean? What's wrong?" I urgently asked.  

'' It took a while to get it out of the board. At that I didn't have time to ask anything else. 

“Never should have come." 

"Your mistake, your loss." The voices wouldn't stop. A little girls voice rang in, the rhythm just like the Gingerbread Man song. 

"Run, run as fast as you can. Now to be caught by the madman."

The End

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