House of the Dead

Another earsplitting scream echoed through the building. I peaked around the corner and saw a girl with firey hair lying on the marble floor. She tried to get up many times, but Master whipped her again each time. And each time she collapsed to the floor. Her back was bloody, and her face was wet with tears.

"Are you ready to die now??" Master whispered in her ear. I rememered clearly when I was still human, and he was about to kill me. She faintly nodded. A boney hand strenched from Matser's black cloak and with a flesh-less finger he touched her, draining her life away. She screached in pain but he pulled away and it stopped, she was dead.

After Master had gone I paced up to her. She looked no more than 14 years old. Her blood red hair covered her face. I turned her gently onto her front and looked at her terrible wounds, from Master's whip. I heard a moan, and glanced at her face. Her eyes flickered open.

"Am I dead?!?" She wondered.

The End

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