The Anchorwoman's Advice

Eddy came bounding towards Mel, across the living room, wagging his tail with glee. Despite being a dog, he seemed to know that the place was theirs. This made him happy, even though they might have to share the house with that darn woman. She competed with him for Mel's affection. Not once had she scratched his ears!

She followed the puppy out of the kitchen, wondering when he'd next pee on the floor in an attempt to mark his new territory. However, she couldn't help but smile as his black fur with brown accents made him look very cute to her.

However, Mel was cuter.

She handed him a drink, "Well, somebody's been hard at work. Found anything interesting?"

"Yup," said Mel, pausing to sip his lemonade and wipe the sweat from his brow. "But I'll tell you about it later, Marilyn. I think I'd rather spend some time inside."

"I got the television working," Marilyn informed him.

"Great," Mel replied. "Would you mind giving me a bit of a back rub?"

"Not at all. As long as I get to plant a garden--"

"When you move in!" Mel corrected, trying to remain calm.

"Heh, you'll crack soon enough, darling," Marilyn chuckled. And then she moved over to rub at his sore muscles. And as she continued to knead, she heard Eddy give a melodramatic whine.

With a sigh, Mel turned on the television.

Eddy jumped onto the couch beside him, and soon had a human hand upon his back, petting him gently.

The national news played on the large screen. The volume was low, and Mel turned it up. Something about a serial killer in Alabama.

"Hey," Marilyn exclaimed, "isn't that the guy you bought this place from?"

The familiar face stared at them from a three year old mug shot. All Mel could do was nod, as he listened intently to the anchorwoman.

"If you have any information concerning the whereabouts of this man, Neil Carverson, or the bodies of the four missing teenagers, please contact the Alabama State Police."

"Ummm..." began Marilyn, as a feeling of surreality swept over her, "I think now is a good time to tell you about what I found in the wardrobe upstairs."

For a moment, he was stunned, "A body?"

She looked back at him in a way that suggested his guess was absurd. And then she got up from the arm chair in which she had seated herself, put down her own glass of lemonade, and began to walk towards the stairs.

And before Mel could get up, his canine companion had leaped onto the hardwood floor, skidded slowly into a coffee table, and ran after Marilyn as if she'd said the word 'treat'.

Well, thought Mel as he turned off the TV and rose to his feet, this day sure is exciting so far! Better than just boxes and dust... I hope.


The End

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