Rowan: IntroductionMature

In this world there is a war going on, under the grid. There are such things as demons. They are just as real as anyone, except for the fact that they can possess bodies and even manifest their own. There is one group of people who can stop this terror, Demon Hunters.


He walks into the building, a church. Built in the Byzantine Era, it contained an ancient well that the priests sealed, as it contained a demon. Unfortunately, new construction tried to open it. They succeeded.

"Are you here to help us? Are you with them?" The fat priest says as he hobbles toward the mysterious man.

"Yes, where is it." He speaks, pulling down his hood to face him.

"Up there, in the steeple." He points his sausage fingers to the large, tower-like structure above a broken chair.

Rowan look around and makes his way across the floor, taking stock of the damage. Practically all of the pews have been broken, and the beast had torn up the marble flooring. It looks like an army was in here, not a single demon. Putting his hand on the dagger at his right hip gives him comfort, knowing that he has a weapon to defend and to kill.

Rowan looks up and stands underneath the steeple and stares at a beast of monstrous proportions holding itself up by digging its claws into the stone around it. There was no sense of symmetry, its arms were different lengths, and so were its legs. It had a quartet of horns on its red head as it gnashes its black teeth.

"Human! Fear me!" It snarls as it drops itself coming down to meet him.

Rowan draws his dagger and slashes at what one would call its left arm as it fell. Roaring in rage, it swipes at him. Carefully dodging, he bends down and strikes up into its armpit, drawing a black, viscous liquid, almost like jam.

Leaping back, he calls to it, "What's your name?"

It snarls, "Bael!"

They fight, it slashing at him with its claws and him dodging and jumping around doing small pieces of damage. Rowan gets tired of the 'bleed' technique and begins to mark his circle. As one skilled in Baguazhang, he uses it as his finishing move against every demon he faces.

As he walks around the beast, it stares as though waiting for a perfect moment. When it thinks it has found it, it swings its longer arm. Jumping up he lands on it and run across its arm until he jumps, landing on its back. Then he grabs his dagger and shoves it deep into its skull.

"Go to Hell!"

The demon screeches, the sound seems to claw at his ears. But then it fades and the body likewise disappears.

Picking up his dagger, he puts it away and walks over to the priest. "Payment." He grunts.

Nodding and with obvious fear in his eyes he hobbles away to get the money owed. When he comes back, Rowan looks at the suitcase, admiring the weight of the money. After he leaves the church, a portal made of flame and fire opens. He walks through it and it closes behind him.

"Good job, Rowan!" One of the other hunters congratulates.

"No biggie."

"Who was it?" Alexis, the secretary, asks him.


"Hmm, fourth time this year. Strange. Well, thanks for doing the hard work." She grabs his arm and smiles.

He grins, knowing that he has no chance with her. Especially since, she has a golden band sitting on her ring finger. "Hey guys, where's De Luca?"

Alexis runs her hand through her hair, "Fighting a demon somewhere."

The End

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