The Family BuisnessMature

Abaddon, King of demons is on the rise again. Christophe Roosevelt has never felt hunger for vengeance this strong before. Alongside his team of demon slayers, the hunter will stop at nothing to break through Abaddon's defenses and see that the King of Demons gets a proper send off.

He was happy for the first time in his life. He felt free. He was growing accustomed to pushing the guilt away that threatened to consume him...

Ten years ago today Christophe Roosevelt broke ties with his family. He withdrew from the centuries old business that he would otherwise inherit. He wanted no part in that life anymore. And so he went on to university and became a man of the law, a correctional officer.

 A year after working in the field he fell in love with a kind hearted waitress named Maddison. He found himself taking more than one lunch break a day just so he could be near her. Months later he worked up the courage to ask her out on a formal date.  

Christophe didn't think it were possible to fall even more in love with her, but he did, and she returned his affections with just as much enthusiasm. They were meant to be with each other, there was no question about it.
Soon the couple married and had a child together.They lived in a quaint suburbia town in Californa with green lawns and flourishing gardens.

Christophe could finally breathe easy. He had managed to escape his family and their spirit crushing ways all the while avoiding the karma that came with having ever worked in the family business. Or so he thought...

It happened ten months after the birth of his daughter. Maddison was working the night shift. As usual Christophe waited for her to return. He grew antsy if ever she was a minute late. Tonight was one of those nights. He watched the clock while pacing the living room. It was eleven pm, she usually got home at ten.

 A knock at the door seemed to lighten the weight on his chest.Christophe crossed over to the door. In his haste he nearly wrenched it free of the doorframe. Standing there was a local sheriff. Maddison lay limp in his arms. Her eyes were closed and her dark curls curtained her face. She wasnt breathing.

Christophe, so distraught couldn't even process the details or question why she wasn't in a body bag in the back of an ambulance somewhere. Why was her corpse being brought directly to him?
His movements felt mechanic. This scence would scar his heart forever. He glanced up at the sheriff. The man seemed to be grinning. Slowly his eyes took on a yellow hue." Tit for tat. Right Christophe?"

Christophe took Maddy's body from the man and set it gently on the floor. His eyes registered recognition and hatred. "Abaddon," he growled. 

Abaddon shook his head, pleased with his work. "Christophe."

"I will kill you for this you son of a bitch!" Christophe nearly lunged at the demon but quickly  remembered Alonna, asleep upstairs and stopped himself.

Abaddon stuck his hands in his pockets and let himself into the house. All Christophe could think about was his daughter, asleep upstairs. Maybe Abaddon didn't know about Alonna. How would he?

Abaddon surveyed his work on Maddison who only appeared to be sleeping. "You see she truly is, I mean was, a gem. I didn't want to scar her face or puncture her skin as you did years ago with my dear Selphie."

Christophe struggled to control his breathing. He couldn't afford to create a scene and wake his daughter. He backed away from Abaddon. On a hutch in the living room sat a framed picture if Alonna. Quietly without gaining Abaddon's attention he turned the frame around so the picture couldn't be seen. 
" We are even now demon, leave!"

Abaddon smiled. " I will as I have better places to be, but don't think this is the last you've seen of me."

Christophe waited for the demon to leave to mourn his wife. He cradled her as if she truly were sleeping. And it was then that he made the vow to finally find a way to hunt and kill Abaddon and his army of demons. He would go back to the life he had turned his back on. Only this time it would be personal.

The End

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