House Of Nightmares

Thunder rolled across the clouds as I made my way up the steep winding path that led to the house of nightmares. Rain crashed down on me and lightning cracked the sky. Ominous shadows loomed over me and a shiver ran down my spine. This would’ve been so much easier if I was allowed to fly. I could’ve flown in kicked some butt and been out of there with the orb in ten minutes, but no. I had to walk. I’d already been walking for three hours. I was cold, wet and hungry. I would freeze to death before I got there!

Eventually, about an hour or so on, I looked up to see the large rotting front porch. I stared up at the age old oak door. It was at least twice my height. It creaked open at a single touch. Stepping inside, a dust cloud erupted around me, choking me. When the dust had settled and my eyes had ceased to water, I began to notice my surroundings. On my right a mountainous staircase spiralled up into nothing. To my left I heard the crackle of a fire behind a rotting door that was hanging off its hinges.

“Tarony” echoed a booming voice. Great a creepy old rotting house could speak and apparently it knew my name. The whole house shook and more dust clouds exploded everywhere. I jumped back, coughing and spluttering, and turned to leave just as the front door slammed shut with enough force to knock over an elephant.

“Come in and join us Tarony” the eery voice boomed “we’ve been waiting a long time for you”

The door on my left swung open. I peered inside and then wished I hadn’t. The orb of Mancala was sitting on a pedestal emitting a dim purple glow which lit up the room. It would have been nice to just go in, grab it and fly out of there but no. The room was filled with snakes.

“So this is why it’s called the house of nightmares” I muttered to myself. I hated snakes. They were everything evil squeezed into one long tube of slithering ugliness. At the other end of the room I could see four dark shapes.

“Tarony you can have the orb if you can free us from this prison we are held in” a different voice boomed. The shadowy figure who had spoken stepped forward. My jaw dropped. It couldn’t be. The word fell from my lips.


Okay. So. My dad was a ghost trapped in a parallel universe and his counterpart ghost in my universe was trapped in the house of nightmares. Creepy right? Not for me. I was getting more and more used to that kind of thing by then. My mother was the queen of darkness, my brother was a wizard and my sister was a freaking mermaid. It only made sense that my father was trapped in another dimension. Me? I was just weird. I was one of a kind. I had wings for Pete’s sake. Yes. Wings! Thirteen feet across, black, feathery wings. The wings coupled with the fact that I was someday supposed to be the next queen of darkness made me pretty much the most terrifying person ever other than my mother. But anyway, back to the fact that I was talking to my dead father.

“This is getting weird even by my standards” I said under my breath. My voice echoed around the large room temporarily covering the hideous hissing of the snakes.

“Tarony you can free us sweetheart” my dad boomed. What was with ghosts and booming? Could they not just try talking normally?

“I think I’d rather just get the orb and go” I replied.

“It’s not that easy” the first voice boomed and then lapsed into peals of mirthless laughter.

“What he means” another ghost said stepping forward. He was tall and his medieval clothes were dripping with silver blood that glistened in the glow from the orb. “What he means is that you can’t just take the orb. You have to either free us or do a task”

Oh joy. Why could I not just leave? Oh yeah. If I did my mother would kill me. That is not me being dramatic she would actually kill me. Hello, queen of darkness. I may be her sole heir but she wouldn’t hesitate to kill me. I didn’t even know what the stupid orb did! How was I supposed to free four ghosts? How do you even trap a ghost in the first place? It was madness! Complete and absolute insanity.

“What does the task involve?” I asked

“Snakes” Dad answered reluctantly.

“Of course. Why didn’t I think of that” I muttered.

“This is called the house of nightmares for a reason” the medieval ghost told me. Yeah I’d already figured that out.

The End

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