It was several hours until Nero walked away from the window into the Bloodbox arena, and that was only because Sins insisted that they leave.

In this time, Nero had watched several men get beaten to death, and even more take a bullet. There was a death every match - Nero picked up on the rules quickly.

Two men in the Bloodbox arena, armed with a gun each, but loaded with only one bullet. They have unlimited time to find and kill one another, but the match doesn't end until one person is dead in the arena. Anything is permitted.

Nero grew more and more excited with every match that passed by.But he understood that Sins was not nearly as captivated, and so Nero reluctantly followed his friend through the crowd to the exit. However, he couldn't stop thinking about what he had just seen.

Sins was still marching ahead when they approached the door into the cold night. He hadn't looked back at Nero, and so Nero took the opportunity to turn back and slip away, back into the hallway that led into the arena. He was not going to return back to watch, though. Instead, he approached a man sitting at a table, counting money and with an air of authority about him. As Nero approached him, he looked up and sneered.

"What do you want?!" He almost spat the words at Nero, but he wasn't intimidating, and Nero made sure he knew it.

"Cheer up, what the hell is wrong with you?" Nero didn't wait for an answer. "How do you sign up for this? What does it take to get in the Bloodbox?"

The man stopped, and his jaw dropped slightly. Whether it was because of the fact that he didn't scare Nero, or because of the question he had just been asked, Nero wasn't sure - until he spoke again, this time in a more reserved and disbelieving tone.

"You don't sign up, sonny," he said, almost like a warning. "You get chosen."

Nero stared at him, waiting for the man to continue, but he didn't. Nero spoke again. "Okay, so how do people get chosen?" He sounded almost sarcastic.

"Them people in there," the man said, waving a hand in the general direction of the arena behind him, "they're all conmen and murderers, men who deserve to die. Those who survive the game get to go free, knowing that they'll be back if they repeat their wrongful actions."

"Murderers? So they get arrested, then thrown into the game?"

The man nodded slowly, and was about to continue, but was interrupted by the sound of Sins' voice from behind Nero.

"Nero, what are you hanging around for?!" Sins was obviously annoyed, and rightfully so. Nero should probably have left with him straight away.

"Nero, eh?" The man looked at Nero with promise. "I'll remember that name. Mine's Marshal, and I'm sure you'll remember that next time you're in here."

Nero didn't answer, but knew that he would. He smiled slightly at Marshal, before turning around to leave with Sins for the second time.

Behind Nero, Marshal grinned from ear to ear.

The End

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