Nero walked ahead of Sins, eager to find out what this thing was that seemed so exciting. Entering the warehouse, he had to push past a large crowd of people to get to the front of them, to get the best view.

He was here, wherever here was, at the address that the billboard had been advertising, here to find out whatever Bloodbox was. As he broke through the final line of people, he saw what the fuss was about.

In front of him stood a kind of arena, but a strange one. It was a square, as far as he could tell, that was made up of four corridors, one acting as each side of the square. Inside he could see one man edging around it slowly, holding a pistol. He was sweating furiously, and looked as though he was about to break down and cry - maybe he didn't realise what he had signed up for when he first got in the arena.

Nero still didn't understand the game, or sport, whatever it was, and it looked as though the people in the crows around him were only just grasping the idea. When some of them saw that guns were involved, they left disgusted. Nero turned his nose up at those people - how stupid did you have to be to not get the violence involved from the name "Bloodbox"? Idiots...

As Nero watched, captivated, he felt Sins join him by his side, also watching, but not as interested as Nero was. Suddenly they saw another man come round a corner on the other side, also with a gun in his hands. Nero joined the cheers of the crowd, who could now see both combatants from where they were standing. A few people started banging on the window at their favourite, trying to tell him where the other man was. Nero joined in, but was quickly addressed by another man.

"It's pointless, mate. All they see is a mirror, and all they hear is their own heavy breathing. I don't know where this sport has come from, but it's brutal as hell." The man was an aging gentleman, well dressed, and appeared important. Nero stopped banging on the window, but didn't say anything in response.

He felt his mouth hang open slight and a smile find its way onto his face as he watched the second man sneak round the corner, catching sight of his opponent and ducking back. The first man had obviously heard this, and spun around, firing his gun in panic. The crowd gasped in excitement as the second man jumped around, but too quickly and too excitedly, and fired his gun at the man's foot, hitting him and sending a spurt of blood from the foot.

The game wasn't over though, and the second man threw his gun to the ground and charged at his wounded opponent, who was much larger, but injured. However, as they wrestled and fought one another, the larger man got the advantage and brought his gun across his opponent's face, knocking him to the ground. He continued to beat his face until it was bloody and bruised with the end of his gun, until a siren sounded, indicating the game was over.

The crowd moaned in disappointment that the match had ended, and some of them began to disperse, but Nero remained where he was, captivated by what he had just seen, and waiting for the next match.

The End

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