Sins and Other Sins

On the north side of the river, you'd find it hard to believe that there was a dirty, polluted and crime-ridden slum on the other side. But Nero and Sins found themselves walking through the streets and under the watchful gaze of the skyscrapers, looking for the perfect venue for their plan.

Billboards littered the population's eyeline, advertising everything from shower gel to cars and homes. These idiots were too rich for their own good, too well off, and they ignored the horrible truth under their noses - gangs were waiting patiently to rise up from across the river and take this city for themselves. And it was only a matter of time before they did. They already had all the force that they needed, but they were separate gangs. Under one leader, they could smash this city in two.

Sins gave a short whistle, gaining Nero's attention, and they walked calmly into a corner shop that looked like it wasn't ready for a robbery.

They had assumed correctly, and it was only a few seconds before Sins had leapt over the counter and punched the owner square in the face a few times, knocking him out cold. It was evening, and so there weren't a lot of people on the streets, and nobody in the shop. This was kid's stuff. There wasn't even an alarm to go off.

Helping themselves to the contents of the cash drawer, Nero and Sins quickly got out of the joint, before continuing calmly up the street.

They were in the heart of the city now, where cars moved quickly and people were plentiful. It was full of bright lights and advertisements for all sorts of things. There was no use robbing any particular establishments here - it was too high profile. But there was always a good market for pickpockets in these kind of cramped city centres. Splitting up, Nero and Sins found themselves relieving rich men and women of their watches, wallets and phones. Anything and everything could be sold on across the river, no questions asked.

It was as Nero was removing a wallet from a well-dressed gentleman's back pocket that he saw a billboard light up and begin its animated ad. A gun flew across the screen, followed by a man who appeared to have been shot, and then a splash of blood coloured the billboard red. As the text appeared on the screen, Nero was captivated.

BLOODBOX it read, in large black letters. Then a venue that Nero knew to be an old warehouse that had been abandoned for as long as he could remember.

"What is it, a show?" Sins' voice made him jump, but he quickly regained his composure.

"I don't know," Nero replied. "But I want to find out."

The End

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