A Runt's Tunnels

Nero kicked open the door of the caravan he called home. Inside were a handful of his acquaintances - he wouldn't call them friends, but they had been through some difficult times together.

Sitting at the foldout table playing poker were Sins and Skie, two twins, Sins a boy and Skie a girl. They looked almost identical though, apart from their haircuts - Sins adopted a short back and sides style, with his fringe swept to the side, and Skie's hair hung loosely in a ponytail that flopped down her left side. Their hair was jet black, but their clothes contrasted this, and they wore fairly light-hearted and simple clothes.

"Where's Runt?" Nero asked, but without waiting for an answer from the twins, who he knew wouldn't care about Nero's problems whilst they were playing cards. Instead, he headed over to the other end of the caravan, where the bed used to be, but where now there was nothing but a hole cut into the floor, leading down into a cavern that had been dug underneath some time ago, by the caravan's previous inhabitants.

Down here, his voice echoed as he looked for Runt, and it didn't take long to find him amongst the few tunnels that spanned this space. Runt was in the opening that he could usually be found in, counting out a few notes into a pile.

"Nero, whassup man?"

Runt was the self-appointed but much appreciated leader of the four ragtags that dwelled in the caravan, and although they all had individual agendas and liked to think of themselves as freelance (in what, they couldn't specify), it was clear that Runt had the brains and brawn to be a leader.

Unlike his name suggested, Runt was a big, bulky, towering black kid, who was probably twice the size across and twice as strong as the other three put together. With the twins included, that didn't count for much, but still...

"Filthy mobsters had me for a little bit, that's what's up, Runt," Nero huffed.

"Pah, you're alive now, brother, that's what matters, so quit your baby crying and either make yourself useful or get the hell out."

"What do you need?" Nero was interested.

"Money, my friend. We need money to survive in this world, and you know as well as I do where we can get it."

Nero turned tail and headed back upstairs, looking to Sins to accompany him on the job he was going to carry out - a simple and somewhat boring one, but probably a two-person job, and one that would get them as much money as they needed ... for now.

The End

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