The Plunge and The Splash

Cold water hit Nero like a punch in the chest, which after the last few hours he was actually quite used to. The icy water seemed to soothe some of his bruises, but he didn't take the time to appreciate it, as he kicked his legs furiously to break the surface of the water.

He came up spluttering and gasping for air. The landing had knocked the wind out of him, and he took a few deep breaths, appreciating his moderate freedom, temporary as it was.

The rope around his wrists slackened slightly, and with his hands soaking wet, he had no trouble slipping the rope off and beginning his swim for the river bank. Pulling himself up onto the grass, he lay down, panting heavily for a few minutes, and looking over to the window that he had dived through. From this angle it didn't look like a very large fall, but as he had been plummeting to the water below, it had actually been quite scary.

Nero decided to get up and continue his getaway before any SWAT men decided to search the surrounding area for the kid they had let get away.

And they would be the only people looking for him. No police force could hold Fraser for long, and it was only a matter of time before the ruthless mob boss was coming after him once again. Nero thought about the money he had stolen from him in a daring betrayal, and smiled slightly, also considering how he had bet it all away already. Unsuccessfully.

Picking himself and brushing himself off, Nero ran soaking through the slums that stood on the other side of the river, making for anywhere he thought he would be safe for a little while.

The End

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