High School

This is the beginning of your story and the chapter that will need to unravel the secrets of your past. This is the first event that changed your  life forever, when the earth flipped upside down and hell finally froze over.

High School.

A Time when every young middle school kid takes the first step to adult-hood. When you learn to do bad things and take the world in your rebellious grip and scream out in protest. When you feel like everything is going your way and you try to make your way to the three groups that could either make you or brake you. The Popular, The Normal, The Outcasts. Most kids talk their parents into giving them the most up to date fashions and cars. They walk the walk and talk the talk but in the world of high school.....you sink or swim, you have it or you don't. High school is a roller coast that could label you for life, one bad mistake and you could me now labeled as the Nose-Picker or the Shoe-Licker for those of you who ended up pissing off the school jock one day and he made you lick his shoe or else you would be hanging off the school flag pole in your underwear.

High School could be you're stage for fame or a complete nightmare. Its a time where people are mortally wounded with embarrassment or a place where Kids make a name for themselves in generations to come.

The End

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