The Begining

The Dream.....entering the white haired boy:

You are  standing in a field of gray, the air smelled of smoke with a mixture of decay. The sky way not blue but covered by a never ending blanket of clouds giving off a dull lifeless landscape. Your  dressed in all white, as  you look around. Dead bodies littered the ground of ashes, some had the look of horror and others eyes were closed as if they were having a peaceful dream.

“ Isn't it beautiful...” said a soft voice from behind you it sounded familiar. As you turned around to see a boy my age, he was dressed like me in all white, he had on no shoes his skin was ghostly pale like he had some type of sickly decease all his life. His white hair was long and fell down past his mid-back, but his eyes  you would never forget them, they were unnatural everything about him was cold and lonely as his violet and gold eyes stared at me with interest and curiosity and overwhelming sadness. He walked over the dead bodies like they were trash, he was trying to get to me and you moved back. The hairs on your  back were standing up screaming for you to stay away from him. The boy stopped his face full of sadness as he looked at his hands as a few tears fell down his face.

“ Am I that of a monster to you Jonah....” he spoke his voice quivering his hand shaking as he stared at them. You stopped wondering how he knew your name. You somehow knew him and yet  didn’t. A white snowflake drifted into view and you looked up as more began to fall,  you could see you; re own breath but  you wasn’t cold, not in the least.
“ Jonah “ he said again,  you looked down startled as he looked right at you very close to your face. Your mind wondered how he snuck up on so quietly so fast, he was a few inches taller than you, tears streaming down his face. They weren’t clear anymore but black as he touched your face with his shaky hands, you closed my eyes and held you breath.  you didn’t know why but you knew when he touched you, you  would die, like all those people on the ground and every living thing that once lived in this place.  you were startled to be still breathing and opened your eyes to see his eyes wide with confusion, wonder and for the first time....happiness.

“ You didn’t die....” he whispered he was shaking as more black tears ran down his ghostly pale face. His icy cold breath hit my face as he touched you cheek like a child discovering something he never seen before. He touched your hands and chest and ears and laughed, a warm laugh a hopeful laugh. Then he wiped his face and looked you in the eyes, his face now serious his eyes locked on your green ones as he spoke

“ You belong to one will have you but me...”

The End

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