My family Hounded

My family was never exactly perfect, but I guess no family is and ‘dysfunctional’ is a very strong word. My father simply worked for his living, we have our own farm, a ranch to be precise, so I guess we’re luckier than most. My mother, bless her heart, never seemed to stop working, she was either cooking, cleaning or sewing. I remember thinking that she never slept when I was a little girl, used to think she lived on magic and was even mightier than the greatest mage or war hero. It breaks my heart to see her now, so weak and defeated, the ever dejected soul. My brother, he was the strong one. I always looked up to him. He was always so calm and quiet, with a smile, such a smile that I couldn’t help but grin when he looked at me. He’s a different person now. It’s like my brother’s dead and I’m living with an impostor. That’s the strange thing about our world now though, that could simply be one of my nightmare’s surfacing and affecting those around me. Mom always said I was strong willed, maybe my head’s stronger than I thought. Or perhaps that’s just another healthy bout of paranoia niggling at the edges of my mind… hell I don’t think it’s just the edges.

I suppose the saddest tale about my family is that of my sister. She wasn’t the smartest of our family and used to prattle on about things that none of us really gave two parvents about, but we loved her all the same. Mom used to say that, ‘she may not be the smartest girl there ever was, but at least she has some common sense’ - this sort of remark was normally followed by some sort of allusion to my having no common sense whatsoever, despite being the ‘brains’ of the family. Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t mean it nastily… at least I don’t think she did… she always said it with a smile and a tone that I can only describe as fond frustration… but I suppose most parents feel that way towards their children at some point in their lives.

Yes, I was ‘the smart one’. Always reading and asking ‘why?’, I suppose you could call me the ‘annoying one’ too, but frankly I wouldn’t care, damn it I wouldn’t care two parvents. I suppose though, despite her prattle, that my sister was ruled by her head and not her heart. I guess that was her downfall too, it’s not really an advantage to be ruled by one’s head when your own nightmares begin to surface in reality, is it? Despite being labelled ‘the clever one’ since childhood, I’ve always professed to being ruled by my heart. Now, most of the time, or at least throughout my life, this has been… a slight mistake on my part is probably the politest and quickest way to express such a situation, but in the current times it seems to have spared me the intense horrors that my poor dear sister endured.

To be honest, no matter how clever I may be, I don’t normally think this much, at least not where the past is concerned. There’s little else to keep your spirits up these days though, you have to be careful though, if you don’t go insane from the Hounding you’ll go insane from the futile desire to remain in your memories.

That’s what we call it now, the Hounding. If your demons are surfacing you’re going through a Hounding episode, though even that turn of phrase is becoming extinct, what with the extent of the Hounding taking place these days. ‘The Age of Hounding’ dawned many years ago, we were just too confused to realise it. Even the passage of time has blurred, it may be years or may only be one, could simply be a few months for all I know, frankly I don’t care, I just want out.

It’s true you know. He stole our dreams and it’s about time we took them back. I have friends, they’re willing to help too. The rebellion’s rising, deep in the dark that he created, quietly building where his eyes can’t see.

We’re coming for you Senek and we’re going to take back what’s ours.

The End

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