This is a story I have worked on, the first three branches shall not be changed but you can add on to the last one. I would like to see what you come up with as the main character it's up to you to pick up the pieces and figure out who you really are a Hero or a Villain.

 Your name is Jonah you have never told anyone your  secret and as you starting high school things start to feel more strange as black cloak figures start showing up around your  home and school watching you. Then your world starts to change change as you starts having strange dreams of a girl with flaming red hair , a boy who can make anyone do what he wants, and a goth who has the ability to conduct electricity from his body as well as a nightmare you cant seem to shake of a white hair boy who’s very existence  cause anything and everything to die in his hands. you don't know what these dreams really mean,  as run from the strange men dressed in black who want you dead. All you knows is that some how the people in your dreams are connected and the only way to solve the pieces to this puzzle is to find them or die trying

The End

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