Henry: Our HeroMature

On schedule, an evil obnoxious buzz met my ears, screaming for my attention. I hit the clock with as much force as I could. I made a dent and still it kept wailing. A hardy contraption. One of my foes.

Ugh,” I groaned, forced to get up and switch it off properly.

I stayed in the hotel. In a decent-sized living quarters on the main floor. La loge as the French called it. There was a handsome bedroom, an office, a kitchenette and a lav. A perk of being the concierge I suppose. A position I had grown to despise after so many years. Understand I had never wanted to work in the hotel industry. I’d much rather be a poet or a philosopher. But I’m not that lucky. No one is.

My day was just beginning. and I groaned again as I splashed cold water onto my face. A look of dissatisfaction stared back at me in the mirror as I realised and said aloud, “I’m going to die here.”

“What?” grunted Indira, who still laid in bed.

I looked back into the boudoir to see her stark body searching blindly for the covers, which had slipped off her in the night.


“Is it 4 already?” she inquired.

“Yes. Do you work today, my love?” I asked, forgetting my worries as I lay down next to her; lightly kissing her buttocks. And she nodded.

I admired the maid’s crisp naked body in the fluorescent light of the en suite. A black-haired beauty. A bronze hourglass turned on her side. Unblemished. I ran my hand down to the small of her back, and made her tingle.

“Fancy a go in the shower?”

Then Indira turned over and faced me, showing off her smile and navy eyes. I slid my other hand up her thigh, and she replied, “Not right now, Henry.”

My name is Henry Jameson. I am a… slave to the ungrateful and incredibly annoying people who stay at The Baron Frobisher in Manhattan.  Before now I was in London. First at the Savoy and then the Ritz. And in my early years I worked in Le Mons, Blois, Paris (which was worst of all,) and a few months in Rome. I could never master the language, (and there was a slight incident which happened there) but I won’t bore you with the details.

The End

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