A) She thought, "Oh, Jeez Louise - these guys are too freaky" and walked out the door

The music surged around Anaina and threatened to overcome her as she made her way through the multitude of androgynous PVC-clad and cosplay enthusiasts. The walls closed in on her and her breath abandoned her as if she were drowning; she brought one hand to her ear to muffle the THUMP THUMP of the trembling air which threatened the onset of a migraine. She shied away from the bustle on the dance floor and edged herself around the perimeter of the club, keeping to as much to the shadows as the strobe lights allowed and far away from the fetish-clad bodies surrounding her. She found herself licking the roof of her mouth and immediately worried about dehydration. She angled her way to the bar, which in this place more closely resembled a kind of altar, complete with people worshiping others chained to the wall in velvety restraints. She paused a few strides short to make way for a young man who had stilts somehow surgically fused with his tibia and fibula bones on each leg, extending his overall height to well over seven feet. Oddly, she noted he moved with the fluid grace of a dancer.

She found a gap in the throng and attempted to get the bartender's attention, but his eyes were fixed upon some young lass whose breasts seemingly began at her neck and didn't stop there. Anaina sighed and gave an impatient flick of her head to get that tickling strand of hair away from her chin, then waited for the bartender to ogle someone in her vicinity. She became aware of movement beside her and turned to see a very tattooed man, shirtless, eyeing her as would a starving man look upon a sandwich. Anaina immediately cringed but something about the man's body suit caught her eye. Among the many colorful designs and patterns adorning his body, there was something especially interesting in the center of his chest from which Anaina found it impossible to look away. A silver rectangle, about the size of Anaina's hand, was centered on his pecs between his nipples. Unlike most body art she had seen featuring the color silver, however, this tat actually glistened in the darkness of the bar. Curious, Anaina leaned in to have a closer look and was shocked to see her own reflection staring back at her. She snapped her head back in shock, straightening to full height under the pulsating lights above.

The man chuckled and tapped one stubby finger to his chest. He shook his head with a grin and offered, “It ain't ink, I had 'em staple an actual mirror to my skin. Cuz I only want the most beautiful subjects displayed on my body.”

Anaina was repulsed that this man would spend a veritable fortune on what amounted to little more than a pickup line, and she unconsciously brought her hand to her throat, “Oh dear.”

She left the Human Mirror alone on his bar stool and tried once again to catch the bartender's eye, but this time he had moved around to the opposite side, leaving her to stare at his back.

Right in front of her, a woman got up and left the bar, leaving Anaina to simply plop herself down on the warm bar stool and wait for the shmuck bartender to glance her way.

The End

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