Light a cigarette, order a scotch rocks, and try to look interesting to those around you.

It looked like the kind of posh bar with the unwritten rule everyone in there was far too cool to talk to one another, you decide to make up stories in your head about those around you.

The couple dressed in his and hers leather and peroxide hair, he was obviously on some kind of drug and she wanted to get married and introduce her parents and children from previous marriages who had been living with the polish family that lived three doors down from her parents. This was An's favorite game to play.

Her scotch came on an elaborate gold plated platter tray like thing, she thanked the short waitress who served her and ordered another one, scotch never lasted long. The waitress nodded politely and scuttled away to the bar.
Following where she was going she caught the eye of a young boy, must of been only 18, looking round lost, he was obviously forced to come in here by someone.

An didn't usually play the stories game about good looking people, but she couldn't help it, wondering if he was here with his lover or alone.


The End

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