And nothing happened

Fortunately, Cuncer is 100% curable, unlike the notorious Cancer. Whew, close call there.

Anaina continued into the bar, hoping to be one of the lucky few who got a free meal out of the deal.

Forking over her credit card at the door, Anaina cringed as she signed for the $500 charge. I had better be fascinating tonight. Hell, even a mere interesting would be worthwhile.

The elegantly dressed doorman took her coat as she entered. Anaina glanced around the room surreptitiously, hoping there was no one around that she might have known from her previous life, filled with debauchery.

Up on the stage, a woman wearing a short black cocktail dress, fishnets, and a black feather boa was karaoke'ing to a Frank Sinatra tune. Anaina hummed a few bars to herself, remembering the way the song went. She found a seat by the far wall, under cover of mild darkness, as she put together a game plan to spare herself the $500 cover charge. What would she do?

The End

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