Hot coffee in a chilled glass.

I don't even know what I mean any more.

His hands, his hands were on you. No. Not just on you, but all over you. They were heavy and cold, so cold agaisnt your soft warm skin. His tan agaisnt your pale ghost of a figure. You couldn't even think straight, your knees went weak, your mind hazy, your heart racing. And then. Oh and then, his breath, hot and sweet against your lips. So close. If you leaned forward just a tiny bit, you could touch them with yours. Your breath mixed with his. Just a tiny bit you thought. Just an inch forward. What you had always dreamed of, within your grasp. Something stopped you though. His eyes locked fiercely with yours. A sort of anger in the ripples of his face. This isn't how you dreamed. This is not was not the look you lusted after, day by day. His hands all over you. Exploring. They were too heavy though. His breath too fast, too hot. Your mind racing. Heart pumping. This is not how you had dreamed. You did not want this. But his hands over powered you. And you could not escape. As you bit your lip and stared into a sort of nothingness. Feelings his cold hands against your warm, terrified skin. 

The End

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