Fleeing into The Snow

 Inside of the station, Uriel stood up and began to walk away. Pushing past the doors, cold air engulfing him, pressing the air out of his lungs but he did not stop. Wind and snow ruffling through his curly hair and bringing tears to his eyes as he had begun to run. Several times his heart began to flutter and he went between high anxiety and elation! Finding a city, covered in white snow and bustling with people, almost like the carnival. Passing by him, not seeming to notice. Not noticing that he was different. And he saw people, people that looked like his mama, with empty eyes. Not hard eyes when he passed these empty eyed people. Others looked at them with mean eyes too. So now and then, he would sit down with these people. They never spoke, and always had a fire. His mama never smelled, but he would take emptiness and warmth than the mean eyes that stared at him coldly.

Uriel didn't understand homelessness, not the stamp mark of it atleast. Not the stigma. He could not understand all the people in his life previously, with mean eyes had been told he was different before laying eyes on him. He could not know that people treated him differently because he was homeless, not because they had been told he was born a hermaphrodite. No one told him that he could have gone to the city and lived, no one would have been able to tell at a glance like he had always thought. But now in the city, at a glance. People could tell he was homeless, but Uriel would have never understood their hate even if he had ever been told. 

 But that was at the beginning, he had long since lived on the street. Learned how to somewhat live, or at least how to not die. He learned to do things for money, like his cartwheels and flips. They would laugh and sometimes give him money or better yet food. Ureil loved when people would smile, and he would thank them and smile back just as Mrs. Myrtle had taught him to. Some would seem nice, but Uriel had felt the hard way that sometimes the ones who acted nice were worse than the ones who spit and kicked cans at him.

The End

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