But as if the man were thinking, like his mama did when she was drawing.

 The male asked him his name, and introduced himself as Gavriel.

 Uriel treasured that name in his mind even as he froze in the city streets in the present. He brought him to one of the caravans (Mrs. Myrtle had told him the name of the mobile homes when he had gasped seeing them lined up around the camp). It held all sorts of clothing, trunks, paper, and ink. For a long awhile Gavriel just watched him with those pretty two-toned eyes while he gave Uriel yummy cake and a sweet tasting drink.


 The voice drew his attention from his treat.

 "Would you like to sta-" the enchanting voice had begun to speak again, but suddenly two loud raps hit the caravan door. The long haired Gavriel stood up at once, almost like a German Shepard, tensed as he went to open the door. Uriel curiously peaked from his chair to see a beautiful older woman, older than his mama but younger than Mrs. Myrtle with the same dark hair as Gavriel. The women gave him a slight, softened look before closing the door tightly. Lowered murmurs with angry lower tones that were too low for even Uriel's own ears to hear that is until the shouting started.

The End

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