The Carnival

There was another place, where those mean eyes turned into amazement. The carnival Mrs. Myrtle took him to on a very far drive away from the house, they had to stay the night in the hotel and instead of going to sleep, Mrs. Myrtle took him to a Carnival. Uriel never wanted to leave. Feeling the same euphoria many children felt among the sweets, lights, and games. 

Once more it was one of those late July nights, suffocating and filled with mosquitos, but those two things never even dented the memory even if he was covered in those stupid bites and his clothes stuck to him just a bit. But more so, he saw peoples' eyes towards the different people. People who were different than him too, their faces were different or they had strange talents that made them different. And instead of mean eyes, people paid them and applauded. No one looked at them with mean eyes but Uriel didn't want all those people staring at him. But the mean eyes didn't happen! They barely even noticed him, if anything, they gave strange glances to him and Mrs. Myrtle, but nothing more. Uriel didn't know it was strange to see a dark skinned woman with a tan little boy.

 At some point that night, among the crowds, Mrs. Myrtle made him sit in a chair while she went to go get corn dogs, only it had felt so long since she went. He got scared and began to wander looking for her. Only, he was so small and being in the crowds of people was a very different experience. At some point, his feet started to ache and the crowds began to thin and he just sat between one of the huge tents and a closed food stand and began to cry. That is when a long haired man, well he seemed like a man at the time with his height, came up to him. Only the 'man' was but a teenager, with long dark hair and two different colored eyes. He captivated Uriel even if the stare was something he was not used to, it was not overly worried nor scorned. 

The End

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