Goodbye's are not always A Choice

He cried then, he cried when Mrs. Myrtle called for someone, and he had cried all until the morning the suit was set on his bed.

 Uriel remembered Mrs. Myrtle crying as she dressed him in that suit again. Her usually strong and loving brown eyes filled with tears and even though she tried to smile and be stern for him to be good, Uriel was not stupid even though he knew others thought he was. He was not stupid, and he knew Mrs. Myrtle did not agree with whatever was happening, and he knew the tall man had something to do with it. So he had hugged the older women, tightly and said goodbye softly in that room small room.

 Mrs. Myrtle didn't think he was trash, neither did his mama. Maybe a terrible burden, but never trash like everyone else did. And Uriel tried to be friendly n' nice like Mrs. Myrtle had told him to be, smile.

 Before his mama had passed away, there had been another swealtering night. One of the few times he had been away from the house before he had been sent away.


The End

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