Two brother, Damien and Josh are visting their aunt for two weeks. Two weeks in a luxuriously modern mansion with their aunt, their uncle and their one year old baby cousin.
But after an eventful night, the visit takes a turn for the worse, and the family is taken hostage by a duo. A duo of vampires.
Josh and Damien manage to escape, but leaving their family, including their one year old cousin, means that they cannot leave without them.

Three rapid knocks rapped on the wooden door. A tiny fist that was only able to reach the height of the doorknob. The young boy knocked on the door again, his cropped brown hair dripping with sweat.
 "What do you want, Josh?" came a deep, throaty voice. A pale, teen face appeared from behind the ajar door. A set of grey-blue eyes zoned in on Josh's baby blues. He raised his black eyebrows.
 "Mummy said that shee needs you." Josh said, folding his tiny arms as they moved up and down with his rapid breathing. The teenager flicked his long jet-black hair from his eyes. He grunted as he disappeared from the view that the door allowed. He returned within half a minute, and squeezed through the space the door provided, then shut it quietly.
 "Don't go in there. Seriously." He warned Josh, squatting to his height before walking down the stairs.
 "What is it, Mum?" the bored voice of the teenager drifted upstairs.
 "There you are, Damien. You're little brother's been helping your father pack for hours and now it's your turn." Said the high, nasaly voice of their mother.
"Mum! I'm... doing something!" Damien protested, yet he knew it was to no avail.
 "Well, Damien, I don't really care! Get out there and help your father." She ordered, and he complied with an annoyed expression. "You do want to go to your aunt's, don't you?!" she shouted as he exited.

The End

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