Host of a Demon

Short story. Our hero has found himself at the mercy of his lost love, now turned evil.

From her fingertips, the claws extend. 4-inch long, razor sharp claws that erupt from her nails, growing unnaturally fast. Her eyes narrow and once round pupils shrink to slits, as her irises turn yellow. I can just barely make out the tips of fangs poking out from behind her lips as she smiles in anticipation.

Samaria collapses on the ground in a crouch, arching her back and gazing up at me with eyes that are no longer hers. Fine black fur sprouts all over her body, while a tail swishes across the floor.

I step back as she stalks toward me. The demon has complete control now. I don’t see any sign of the girl I fell in love with, the girl I fought to protect, the girl who showed me so much in the small amount of time we had together before she was corrupted.

I can sense the aura that has invaded her body. It writhes and screams and thrashes inside its mortal bindings, sending Samaria’s body into a series of convulsions that momentarily render her helpless as she flails about. But soon, quicker than I can react, she gathers herself and is once more the controlled feline demon hunting me through the trees and mist.

I know escape is futile. Demons are made to hunt, pursue, and track, so I wouldn’t have a chance. I don’t have any weapons, and I’m sure that even if I did I wouldn’t stand a chance before it’s claws and agility. The only way out of this would be to try to find the last bit of Samaria, deep down inside herself. I know she is strong, and I hope that if she wills it to be so, then she could overcome the beast and save me from certain death.

But before I can open my mouth, she pounces. Claws sink through my skin like butter and I feel the tear of my flesh like a knife. Blood flows down my chest in a river spewing from a gaping hole in my heart. I stagger and fall to the ground, Samaria on top of me. Pain, pain is all I think of. I forget everything, I just want it to end. And soon it does.

Samaria pulls away from my body. I feel a cold current encasing me, wrapping me in a numb embrace. My wounds begin to heal, but only on the outside. My heart is now an empty shell, devoid of all feeling and happiness. The cold starts from there, spreading throughout my body from my chest to my fingertips and toes. I can feel it creeping into my brain, and with one of my last thoughts, I realize that the demon is in control, has found another host, another subject to do its bidding without question, for the new body has no other desire in its being. Then, I am gone.

Samaria is smiling.


The End

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