"So what now?" Maikiko asked after Farhani was long gone.

"Ice-cream for breakfast methinks!"

"Methinks? What a bizarre thing to say..."

"Hey leave my volcabulary alone! I does speaks good!"

Maikiko giggled and headed toward the town. As they walked through the multi-coloured streets admiering the sights Ryugii stopped abruptly and directed Mai's attention towards the place he was looking.

"Let's go to the zoo!"

"Oh yes! I love the zoo!"

"You've been?"


"Then allow me to amend this shocking fact!"

The two of them, hunger for breakfast temporarily forgotten, bounded over to the zoo entrance.

"Hello my good sir." Ryugii spoke to the ticket guy in a confident tone. The old man however was proving difficult to crack.

"It's five each. Take it or leave it." Ryugii tried to persuade him that they were zoo keepers but this guy really wasn't buying it. Ryu signalled for Mai to step up to the plate.

"Excuse me sir..."

"Look no means n-"

Maikiko fluttered her eyelashes and smiled sweetly.

"Me and my friend really want to go to the zoo, could you let me in? Just this once? Please?"

Her feminine charms seemed to have a greater effect on him and they were both allowed into the park without further question. The two of them grabbed an ice-cream before looking around the exhibits, the sun was hot, the ice-cream was cold and the animals were surprisingly happy.

"So.... What's that one?"


"And that one?"

"Its a monkey."

"And... that?"

"Mai it's the same elephant!"

"I know I jest." 

Mai smiled at the giant, grey creature. She had read about these animals but never been close to one, they were so big! She reached over and rubbed it's leathery skin. The elephat turned round, showing her it's giant tusks and trunk, Mai started back in shock at the size of it, bashed into Ryugii who fell into an old lady, who slapped him with her handbag, making him spill his ice-cream onto the manager, who had come to investigate the commotion.

"What. Is. Happening." The manager was a small person, much below average height. He had a tiny moustache and a monocle, which he wore in an attempt to look distinguished and spoke each word as though it was on it's own and not a part of the sentence.

"I'm. Sorry. Sir. I. Accidently. Spilt. My. Ice-cream."

"Why. Are. You. Talking. Like. That."

"Talking. Like. What. Sir."

Maikiko stiffled yet another giggle, she had been giggling a lot lately.

"I'm sorry about my friends sir, I'll make sure that he no longer causes you any problems!" The manager seemed happy with the response and left them to it.

"Wow Ryugii... You really are terrible..." Maikiko tutted and pretended to be dissapointed in him.

"This was your creation!"

She felt something cold and liquidy trickle down her head. It was what was left of Ryu's ice-cream. What Ryugii failed to see was that Maikiko still had a whole ice-cream. It was soon on his face.

After that little fiasco they both called a truce and continued to explore the zoo. At about midday they reached a small pen labeled 'Anteaters'. Inside were 5 very large and scary looking creatures. They were big, brown, meaty creatures with large tails that stuck up and long noses. They were all bullying a small little creature that was trapped between them.

"Oi! Leave it you lot."

"Ryu I don't think they underst-"

The anteaters backed away from the little creature.

"I stand corrected."

Whilst Mai was looking at the large, mean anteaters, Ryugii was more focused on the cuddly ball of love they had backed away from.

"Mai, you have to see this!"

She looked over obligingly.


It was about the size of a microwave, not including it's yard long tail. It had soft golden fur covering it's body and looked a bit like a bunch of bananas. It had four paws with long dark claws which it was currently using to scratch itself. It scratched it's long head with its back left paw and the base of it's tail with it's front right. It stopped to look at Ryugii and Maikiko with it's beady little black eyes and twiched it's small, mouse-like ears.


Ryu and Mai were both extremley taken with this creature and Maikiko read the information about it on the poster to the left.

"It's called a tamandua!"

"Mai look!"

The tamandua had come up to the glass and was standing on it's two back legs with it's front paws streched out to the side. As Ryugii cooed over it a long pink tounge stuck out of its nose... mouth... snout... combination.



"We need this tamandua."

The End

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