Lielos at night

The two had finished their ice-cream and were walking down the starlit beach, comtemplating the merits of ice-cream for dinner, when they heard the sounds of music mixed with laughter.  As Ryugii ran over to investigate (Maikiko strolling after him) the sound grew louder and a warm orange bonfire glowed into view. Around it was a group of young people, dancing and drinking the night away.

"Yo!" Ryugii yelled over to them as Maikiko caught up.


A man seperated from the group and approached them, carrying three bottles in his hands. He smiled at them. His smile flashed a brilliant white in his dark face. When he spoke it was in a very deep voice, he sported an accent that Mai didn't recognise.

"Hello my friends! Will you join us?" He thrust two of the bottles into their hands.

"You obviously don't recognise me my friend." A look of confusion passed over the man's face then quickly fizzeled out.


"Yep it's me! Good to see you again! Maikiko, this is my good friend Farhani, and this is Maikiko, another good friend."

The man shook Ryugii's hand before giving him a brief hug hen turned his attention to Mai.

"Hello dear lady." He bowed and kissed her hand.

"Hi Farhani!"

"So what are you two drinking?"

The evening passed in a blur of laughter, drink and warmth as Farhani took it upon himself to keep Mai and Ryu entertained. 

"So how is life in Kolar? I've never been there..."

"It's... slow. I wouldn't recomend it."

"Yeah I'd second that..." 

"You never had to live there!" Maikiko gently shoved Ryu so he fell off of the log the three of them were perched on. The song changed and he vaulted back over the log. He ran over to the fire and he and Farhani began to sing along loudly to the happy reggae tune.

"Dont worry, about a thing!"

Maikiko giggled and helped herself to another drink before dancing along. There was magic on the beach that night, after everyone there had danced and sung themselves senseless they all gathered around the bonfire and told stories and jokes until the whole group, including Mai and Ryu, fell asleep on the warm sand.

Maikiko was woken up by the water of the sea lapping at her feet. She yawned and rubbed her eyes. She smiled as she thought about the night before, she had been nowhere near as drunk as before, she was getting used to it. She sat up and looked around. Ryugii was noring next to her and Farhani and his friends were packing up their belongings.

"Are you lot leaving?"

"Yes my pretty little Mai. We travel too, and we have spent far to much time in this land. I'm sure we will meet again. Ryugii!"

Ryugii started as his name was called and threw himself toward his sword. picking it up he waved it about him.

"Still a light sleeper I see. We are leaving now my friend." Ryu put down the katana and smiled.

"Farewell! Good to see you again." The two men hugged again before Farhani jumped onto the cart the others had loaded up. He winked at Maikiko before their new group of friends made their way to wherever it was life took them.

"Goodbye for now! We will meet again!"

The End

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