Maikiko won the race to the bike and was sat there expectantly when Ryugii reached the firs.

"Ha ha! Ok so where to now 'My Lady'?"

She pretended to think.


"Sounds good to me!"

"But is it cold to the right?"

"Umm, kind of. Why?"

"Ok well I want to go somewhere warm!"

"Then lets go up! There is a beach, with sun!"


"It's a while away though..."

"Oh well!"

He laughed before they headed off again.

Maikiko noticed as they got further north it got hotter, so that by the time night fell it was still about the temprature of Sanban in the day. Eventually they came to a cliff, looking out over the horizon the inky blue line of the sea was just visable as it lapped at the gorgeous night sky. Ryugii stopped the bike.

"Lets just sleep here tonight, we can reach Lielos by tomorrow... Mai?"

Maikiko was staring with apparent fear at the rough water in the distance.

"Ryugii how far have we travelled?" Her voice shook as she spoke, making her sound very small and weak. Ryugii was confused.

"Not very Mai... Eluryh is a big place..."

"But why does the ground stop over there?"

Ryugii stared at her silently for what felt like an age.

"That's called the sea."

"I knew that. I was... testing you."

"Maikiko have you ever been in the sea?!"

"Do you think I have? Really Ryu is it that much of a surprise to you that I haven't been in the sea?"

"Well I suppose.."

"Good! Now shush, where are we sleeping tonight?"

"Is here good?"

Maikiko looked up at the diamond studded sky.

"Here's perfect."

So the two of them set about organizing sleeping arangements. It was decided that Mai got to sleep stretched out on the bike and Ryugii could sleep on the ground (so long as he remained at least ten feet away whilst she slept.) After he started a fire (the night was warm but there was a cold breeze) they began to talk.

"So if you're not a secret agent how did you end up in Kolar?"

"Well the truth is it sounded like koala to me... I thought there might be koalas there..."

"Oh I know what a koala bear is! But they disgust me with there gross noses...."

"I know I don't really like them but they make very peculiar sounds."

"I didn't think they made sound..."

"That city over there is called Lielos by the way, it's a very popular place for tourism, they have the nicest hotel there..."

"Well that was a bit of a conversational U-turn..."

"Thanks! I try to make my conversations interesting!"

"Oh fine then!" Maikiko cried playfully.


"Obviously my conversations bore you!"

"Ahh no! I love your conversation!" Came Ryugii, pretending to take her seriously

"No, no fine then. I will never speak again!"

 Maikiko, who had been sat opposite Ryugii on the ground, turned away pretending to be angry. Ryugii crawled over to sit next to her, deliberatly violating the restriction.

"Well if I can't talk to you I'm just going to sit right here!"


She tried her hardest to not smile but she failed. She turned slightly to look at him. He had that same smile on his face.



"I know you want to talk to me."


"Maikiko? You know you can't ignore me forever..."


"Fine then I guess I should take you back to the temple..."


"I knew it."

"I'm still ignoring you though..."

"Yeah yeah."

"Right well I'm going to sleep! I'm tired of your abuse!"

She then went over and laid on the bike facing away from him. She pretended to sleep.

"I wouldn't have taken you back to Kolar by the way. I'm happier with you here... I stand by what I said, you do belong with me."

She smiled to herself.

"Is there ice-cream in Lielos?"

Ryugii went red, embarassed that she had been awake for his little artistic soliloquy.

"Yes, in fact there's lots of it!"


The following morning they completed their journey into the tourist town of Lielos. This place had a very seperate vibe to the ones she had been to before, fo example they did have people come up to them here, merchants.

"Miss you want photo?"

"Sir I sell you this child?"

"Miss you like relax? I have relax medicine for you."

But after they got out of this, decidedly dodgey, part of the town they found that it was a very bright city. The people were all dressed in swimwear and were carrying large boards. Mai barly saw a single 'fone'! Eventually they reached the beach.

"Wow! Can I go inside? Is it just like ordinary water?"

Ryugii however had gone missing, he returned afterwards with a swimsuit in Maikikos size. He handed it to her.

"Yes but you have to wear clothes, more specifically these clothes."

After changing Maikiko ran headfirst into the sea, Ryugii wasn't that keen on water so waited on the white silky beach. As she ran in she coiled back, the sea was cold and salty! Since when was water salty? After recovering from her initial shock she found it quite nice, the gentle little waves lapped over her toes as they reached the shore and the sun was warm and gentle.

As she became more used to the ebb and flow of the unfamilier clear water she began to get futher in and swam beneath the waves, this was amazing! the soft water was so unlike the water in Kolar, the people were less dependant, there was sun and sand and alcohol and ice-cream! As she thought she floated on her back ontop of the waves and looked up at the setting sun... Setting sun?! How long had she been in the water?!

She looked over to the beach and saw that Ryugii was waving to her, holding two of her favorite ice-creams. She swam back to shore, happy with her day in the sea.

"You ok?"

"I'm alright thank you! Now surrender the ice-cream."

Smiling the two of them walked along the pier together until the sun had finished it's daily journey.

The End

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