Maikiko had a brief bath in a small pond near the firs. It wasn't as nice as her little lake but it would do, and she changed into her new outfit. She then went back to the firs where Ryugii was sat on the bike looking thoughtful.

"Hey do you know where I can put this?" Mai asked, gesturing toward her gorgeous old dress. Ryugii launched himself off the bike and lifted up the seat to reveal a small, empty compartment perfect for storage.


"Hey Maikiko, how old are you?" He questioned.

"18... Why dare I ask?"

"Well I was going to say lets go to a pub but you must have had more than your fair share of those by now...."

"Does it involve more ice-cream?"

Now it was Ryugii's turn to look incredulous.

"That is completly, utterly sinful on every level! You need some serious fixing!"

"Well lets go then!" Maikiko had only been in the real world for about a day but already she was getting into the swing of things, and she trusted Ryugii, so the two of them headed back to the city.

The city of Sanban looked rather different now that dusk was approaching. There were less people going around and all the shops from earlier seemed to be closed, yet more seemed to be open, ones that Mai hadn't even seen earlier.

"Ok in here!" Said Ryugii leading her toward another small, barely noticeable building that looked, with its red brick out sides and rustic apperance, somewhat out of place. (And time.)

As they entered the 'pub' Mai was hit by the smell, sound and heat coming from the room with such force she was nearly propelled back outside. It was lovely and warm in here compared to the cold city, it smelt of alcohol and tabaco so strongly that the air was practically visable and the sound of men laughing and the pinging coming from the slot machine rang in her ears.

Mai and Ryugii made their way up to the bar, inching through the crowd as best they could.

"Alright Dom?!" He had to yell at the bartender to even be heard.

"Ryugii! Hello! What do you want?!"

"I'll have the usual and she'll have..." He stopped to think for a moment.


"She doesn't look like the sort Ryugii..."

"It's her first!"

The bartender seemed to understand and for some reason went into a back room to fetch something. He returned with two beautiful (yet scandily clad) young women. Ryugii went rather pink...

"You idiot I meant drinks!"

Maikiko got the gist of what was happening. If she had been in this situation yesterday her reaction would have probably been slightly different but as she wasn't...

"You fool! Do you have any idea who I am?!" She suddenly yelled at Dom.

Ryugii looked puzzled but waited to see where she was going with it...

"N-no..." He wimpered, shocked by her apparent fury.

Maikiko rose up to her full height and threw a nearby glass across the room, silencing the pub.

"I am Lady Rotam of..." She looked at Ryugii searchingly.

"Enil." He mouthed.

"Enil!" She shrieked back at the bartender. Ryugii tried to stiffle a grin as he threw himself to her feet.

"Please, please spare him mistress! He knows nothing of royalty! After all he is merely a bartender..."

Maikiko pretended to kick him violently before once more turning to Dom, who was snivelling in fear.

"Get these wenches out of my sight! We will have what he ordered and it will be free!"

Dom, of course, brought out their drinks and 'Saki' and her friend were returned from whence they came. Ryugii sat back up at the bar with Mai and whispered in her ear as the rest of the people returned to normal.

"You're excellent."

"I know." Came the matter of fact reply.

Ryugii smiled strangely as the drinks arrived.

Maikiko wasn't quite sure how to respond. Should she drink it? If so how?

"It's not an art form! All due respect of course my lady... But just chugg it!" Ryugii excaimed in exasperation.

Maikiko took a cautious sip. Wow this was good too! She just sat there for a while talking to Ryugii and Dom quite happily. After her second glass she began to feel slightly light headed...

When she woke up she was streched awkwardly on the green pool table. (How on god's earth she had gotten to know what one was she did not know!) She opened her sleep encrusted eyes and was instantly hit by a beam of light from a chink in the curtains. Seeing it made the back of her eyes ache so she reached out and shut them. Rolling back onto the table she noticed that her own handwriting was on the back of her arm...

Hey Mai! Ryu said I might not remember anything in the morning, 'coz I'm on my 9th glass, so I want you to know you had tons of fun!

"I love me sometimes." She told the room, glad to have recieved the message. Maikiko had a pounding headache but sat up to look around. The first thing that sparked her intrest was the clock, it was past 12! She rolled off of the pool table to futher investigate. She went behind the bar to find Ryugii asleep on a bucket with his katana on the floor.

"How do you sleep like that?!"

Ryugii woke up with a smile on his face.

"Years of ninja training."

Mai laughed before sitting on the ground beside the afore mentioned bucket.

"What happened?!"

"No clue."

"That's bad!"

"No it's not! Besides livers are over rated..."

"Do you do this every night?!"

"Only when I feel like it. So yes."

Dom was in the back room, sleeping between 'Saki' and her friend 'Brandy'. Mai heard him yell something about spiders in his sleep...

"He's insane!"

"Well some people might say the same about the red eyed party animal here and the sex god you see before you." Was Ryugii's reply.

Maikiko pushed over the bucket.

"Right well that's enough of Sanban! Let's go somewhere else!"

She lead the way out of the pub, prancing happily, hangover forgotten when she thought of the life that she now had before her. Before she left the pub Ryu spoke up.

"I'm so glad you're here..."

"Did you say something Ryu?"

"I said I'll race you to the bike!"

"You're so on!"

The End

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