On the road

As they sat on the bike it suddenly roared into life, Maikiko quickly wrapped her arms around Ryugii and they were off. She looked back at her village, she wasn't going to miss it.

"Goodbye Kolar!" Her words were lost in the wind.

As they left the village the bike sped up, Maikiko clung on to Ryugii for dear life as she saw the stars streak past above her head. she looked forward, over his shoulder. They were soaring along in what looked like a field, there was nothing but brilliantly green grass and inky sky and the whole area was covered in hills which made the bike swerve and shake and do all sorts of things that Mai thought, it probably shouldn't be doing. It was thrilling though, it seemed to good to be true but she was actually having fun, an experience she wasn't too familier with.

"I think I'm going to die!" Maikiko had to yell to be heard over the roaring engine and the rushing wind.

"You won't! I promise!"

The freezing air whipped through Maikiko's hair, throwing it behind her, and her dress was inching worryingly close to the back wheel. As she moved it she realised that she was still exhausted. She attempted to ward of the heavy sleep tugging at her eyelids but soon she was unable to fight it anymore and drifted off to sleep. 

As always she woke up at 5 am. She went as if to roll of of her mat but landed instead on the grass, most inelegantly.


"AHH!" Ryugii jumped to his feet, waving his katana like a madman!


"What's happened what's wrong!?"

"Nothing! I just woke up and fell off the bike!"

Ryugii seemed to run out of energy after realizing they weren't under threat and collapsed back onto the ground where, Mai assumed, he had been sleeping.

"It's five in the morning."


"Who wakes up at five in the morning?"


"Well I'm telling you it's madness!!! Get back on the bike and sleep like a normal person!"

"Ooooh! Yes sir!" Maikiko said, poking fun at Ryugii's sleep deprivation.

She waited untill he went back to sleep.


"AHH!!!" He was back on his feet again, once again waving his sword in the air, worryingly close to Mai.

"I'm so sorry I had to!" She giggled.

"Ha ha, hilarious!" He responded sarcastically, trying his best not to smile.

"You're not much of a morning person are you?"

"I love mornings but as you can quite clearly see, it is night, and it's no fun to be awake at 5 in a field so, good night I will see you in the morning, and until that point I don't want to hear from you."

After he had finished with his little monologue he went back to sleep. Not wanting to be irritating Maikiko left him to it and soon went back to sleep herself.

"Ok now we can get up!"

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and swung her feet off of the motorbike, vaguely noticing that the sun was well and truley up.

"What time is it?"

"It's noon. I got up early just for you!"


"Yes! Right lets go somewhere with food."

"Well where exactly are we?"

"I'm not overly sure but if we head left long enough we'll find somewhere!"

Maikiko smiled sleepily and thought about her current situation. She was travelling cross country, possibly cross continent, on a bizzare bike with a man she knew nothing about and she had hated until a few hours ago. All this complete with no food, shelter, water or money. A smile resembling Ryugii's contented one flickered onto her face, she was glad. In all her life she had never been this free. 

"Come on I'm hungry! I think ice-cream..."

"Hey Ryugii?"

"Ya huh?"


He smiled.

"Don't thank me, I'm glad you're here. Now come on! Ice-cream time!"

They both leapt back onto the bike and sped off underneath the blazing sun.

The End

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