Just go

"I don't even know you."

"Yes you do."

"All I know is your name. Yuki said something about you being a secret agent?"

"Ha ha! I just tell them what they want to hear!"

"You're a lier."

"So are you."

He looked right at her, his piercing blue gaze seemed to read her like a book.

"I just tell them what they want to hear." responded Maikiko with her first genuine smile in what felt like a very long time.


"Its not toché it's toche!"

"I think it's touché!"

"I disagree! It's not tooch!"

"It's not toochay either capice?"


As they stood together under the stars, smiling like morons. As they paused their mock argument on the pronounciation of foreign words, the silence from earlier returned.

"We get along well together. Don't deny it we match."

"I can't do that! Yuki would never allow me to go. And I refuse to be a burden on you."

"No burden. If you were I wouldn't ask, sorry, beg you to come with me."

"Since when were you begging? And that doesn't fix the problem of Yuki and the villagers!"

"Just go. I beg because I live a care free life, and if I knew that you were here, in this village putting up with the same crap over and over and over again I would have something to worry about. I know that you'll be happier with me."

"Who said anything about being with you?!"

"Not in that sense! We could be friends. Please Mai? Come away with me? I go everywhere, I see everything this world has to offer! You have no reason to stay here! Maikiko I know you should come with me!"

Maikiko looked at him, his voice was earnest. They had only met that day but already it was like they had known each other forever. She looked back into her room. She had spent to long flopped on that tatami mat in boredom and annoyance. She cast her eyes over to the forest. She spent to long in there, wasting time trying to avoid the same people. The only thing she had left to miss were the stars... And they came with her.


Maikiko smiled and looked at Ryugii.

"I think you're right."

"Well lets go then!"

"Hang on what about packing!?"

"We can get new things!"

"With what money?!"

"I've never paid for anything! People like us don't need to!"

Yet more awkward silence as the term 'people like us' sank in. Maikiko wondered what he meant... A voice started to call from inside the temple.

"Maiii! Maikiko!"

"So are you coming?"

"You know I am!" Maikiko then didn't have much time to say anything else before being grabbed round her waist, just as Yuki burst into the room.

"I suggest you shut your eyes." Ryugii whispered, slinging her over his shoulder.

Mai choose to ignore this advice and before she knew it Ryugii was running down the side of the mountain at dizzying speed! She clung onto his neck, desperately trying not to fall as they hurtled down the mountain. She was absolutley terrified to actually experience the freefall she had been so tempted by. Before she knew it they were standing in the middle of the forest.

"Wow you're light!"

"T-t-th-at was..."

"Is 'fun' the word your looking for?"

"I d-dont know..."

"Sorry I must warn you I'm a ninja."

"I'm not an idiot!"

"No really! I am trained in ninjitsu, how do you think I got this thing?" Ryugii said, waving his katana in the air. That adorable disbelieving face she had worn earlier at the lake was back in full swing. This was going to be fun.

"I suppose you're wondering how I get around?"

"With your ninja feet?"

"Not even close!"

The two of them made their way through the forest until they reached a clearing. Maikiko gasped. She was faced with her first motorbike. It was huge. It had a leather seat that was sofa-length (and for some reason spoon-shaped, with the seat growing wider at the back.), it was low to the ground despite its huge wheels, it was painted with flames and the most curious asset of the beast was it's compete lack of a front, the two handle bars stuck out of the front wheels and other than that it was just two wheels dumped on top of an engine with a leather board stuck on top for good measure.

"What is this thing? Does it move?"

"Yes henceforth the wheels." Maikiko stuck her tounge out at him.

Ryugii just smiled at hoped onto the bike.

"Are you getting on or what?"

"Where are we going?"

Ryugii stopped and pretended to consider for a moment.


Maikiko smiled and sat behind him on the wide part of the seat.

"Sounds good to me!"

The End

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