Ryugii Kazuya

Ryugii was a traveller. He couldn't quite remember where he came from or where he'd been, and, quite honestly couldn't care less. He knew the land of Eluryh like the back of his hand and everyone he met was overwhelmed by his awesomeness. Yes. He loved himself.

He looked at the little lake he had just swam in. How did she keep all the villagers out? She seemed to be mind washing them... Well it wouldnt exactly be difficult! Ryugii had travelled the entire globe and never found any one who he thought might have an IQ of more than minus 5. He sighed, his boyish grin fading for a moment before looking round instinctivly for his shirt. Really where was it? Prehaps he left it in the Weren province? Or maybe....

As he allowed his mind to ponder the mystery he headed back to the path which connected the temple and the town. All of a sudden a large sweaty canonball came rolling down the mountain heading right toward him! As the unidentified mass approached he turned on his heel and ran down hill to the town as fast as his legs would allow, however the sheer intertia of this U.R.O (unidentified rolling object) meant that this was not quite fast enough.

After stopping outside a cafe at the entrace of the town he braced himself as the ball made impact.

"OW!" Yelped sister Yuki, unrolling herself.

"Egads it's a woman!" Came Ryugii's response.

"Hiii! I'm Yuki!" Said the plump nun, apparently unharmed by her fall.

"And I'm Ryugii Kazuya?" Came the still rather puzzled reply.

"Well i apologize for mowing you down like that Ryugii. I was looking for my ward Maikiko and got a bit over excited." She bowed solemly.

Ryugii laughed. Did she tell you to say that after running people over?"

"Oh my goodness you must be a genius like her!"

"Ha ha! Yes I am. Anyhow Yuki can i get you a drink?" Said Ryugii, composure restored.

"Yes you most certainly can!"

So they proceeded inside the cafe which fate had brought them to. It was owned by none other than a certain Mr. Suzuki.

As they sat inside they were greeted by the (still shaken) man himself.

"Otome we have customers! Get out here!" He turned to face Ryugii and turned a rather sickly shade of green. Ryugii examined the tip of his sword.

From that moment on they recieved royal treatment! Ryugii was given all the drink he desired and Yuki was kept quiet with endless sticky buns. As they drank/ate they got down to talking.

"So Mr. mystery what exactly brought you to Kolar?"

"Well to tell you the truth Miss Morii... I'm a double agent!"

Yuki's eyes grew wide inside her skull as she listened to Ryugii spin false tales of his secrets and grandeur. He smiled to himself as he performed for her, as always talking to stupid people was the highlight of his day!  Eventually the subject ran it's course and the the nun took the conversation down a rather strange avenue...

"But you must have been lonely without any lovers all that time! Don't you have anyone to write to when out on your dangerous missions?!"

Ryugii smirked. He had most certainly never been lacking in female company.

"Well these sacrifices must be made my dear. After all, I have sworn to never fall in love for fear of breaking their heart!" This last bit at least was partly true, however he had different reasons entirely for never confining himself to just one woman...

"Ohh look at the time! I have to be at the dance this evening!" Panicked Yuki.

"Oh a dance?" Enquired Ryugii, curious. Dances tended to involve lots of women and lots of drink, they were his kind of event.

"Yes! It happens every year at the festival!"

"Will she be there?" Ryugii asked, almost to himself, and instantly wondered why.

"No Maikiko has nothing to wear... And I can't convince her to go anyway..." Said Yuki, sounding rather miserable.

Ryugii smiled knowingly.

"Come with me. The market's still open and I think I know how to persuade her."

Yuki nodded her head with so much enthusiam that Ryugii worried she may turn into a human snowball again, before they headed to what was left of the market.

The End

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