The little lake

It was about an hour before the crowds had setteled down after Mr. Suzukis little display. He and his (probably soon to be ex) wife had scuttled off to their homes. It was a wise descision, Mai knew that these people weren't the brightest, and after seeing how unimpressed the stranger was they would have probably taken it in turns to replicate his actions.

"Thanks stranger" Maikiko thought bitterly. It had taken hours to calm them down after that scene and now she only had a few hours to bath in. It's not like she was going to the... dance- type... whatever it was in the main hall, she never went, but she would be expected to clean up after the mess made by the rest of the village. It seemed like that was her calling in life.

Anyhow lingering on the little annoyances she suffered would be silly, because if she did that everytime she would never cease to linger. So she headed down to her little lake to relax and unwind where no-one would find her.

As she waded through the trees she heard humming. No. Way. She huried over to her lake but she knew what she would find. And yes, as always she was right, the stranger from earlier was quite happily humming to himself whilst swimming in her lake!

She hid behind a tree. She hadn't really had the chance to take in his appearance earlier but upon reflection it was easy to see how he created such pandemonium. For starters he didnt wear a shirt! He was well built but at the same time not to muscular. He had a lilac dragon tatoo starting at his elbow and wrapping itself round his body until it hit the middle of his chest,she noticed that it was the exact same colour as the samurai hakama which he wore on his lower half. (The little voice that lived at the back of Maikiko's head told her he was extremly attractive but she soon silenced it)

All of a sudden her thoughts were interrupted.

"So you must be the mysterious stranger from before!"

Maikiko sucked in her stomach and attempted to remain concealed.

"I see the arm of your kimono."

She hid it.



Maikiko leapt about ten feet in the air and what little colour was in her cheeks abandoned her. The stranger laughed heartily, it was a happy laugh, the kind you heard from someone who lead a contented life.

"I'm so sorry i couldnt resist!" He said walking round the tree to the side where she stood, clutching her chest still attempting to recover from the shock.

"So i assume this is your lake I'm trespassing in... and that you're about to get very violent."

"What on earth are you doing here?! God, first you walk into the town centre as cocky as a person can get and as cliche as a.....a...... cliche.............................thing! Then you hold one of my residents at knife point! And now your'e in my lake attempting to scare me to death!"

"Yes." Came the simple reply.

"What?" She said slightly taken aback.

"Yes I was correct in all of my assumptions!" He gave her a cheeky smile acompanied by a wink and raised his thumb up high.

Maikiko stood there in disbelief.

"Anyhow enough of that! Upon meeting a beautiful lady it is basic politeness to introduce oneself. My name is Ryugii Kazuya!"

He bowed so his wet hair soaked Maikiko and gave another cheeky smile. His bright blue eyes seemed to sparkle. Maikiko stood up in a huff. She was very annoyed but tried to calm down and remain civil.

"My name is Maikiko Tokuten and I live in Kolar temple."

"Oh come on at least I was being subtle! That was practically an invite!" Said Ryugii jokingly.

Maikiko was far from amused and turned to walk away angrily. She had had quite enough of this man and his nonsense!

"Stay away from my village! You're disturbing the peace!" She yelled over her shoulder before storming out of the clearing.

Ryugii smiled to himself and picked up his sword. Prehaps Kolar wasn't going to be as boring as he thought...

The End

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