Kolar town centre, the day of the festival

As she reached the bottom of the mountain she was stunned by the amount of people she saw! They were mainly merchants form out of town, all with brightly coloured stalls matching their brightly coloured clothing. However she knew full well that she couldnt just slip into the town and join the festivities unnoticed.




"Maikiko i need your advice!"

"Could you help me with this!? pllleeeeaassseeee!"

"Miss could I intrest you in these fine goldfish?"

She looked at the ground and breathed in deeply before the entire crowd was upon her, villagers, merchants, tourists, everyone needed her for something. As always.

It was a good half hour before the buzz created by her arrival settled down and she had been able to advise pretty much all the decisions in the entire village. Maikiko grimaced to herself. Forget the governer, forget Sister Gow, without her she wondered how this place would operate!

Maikiko was then able to browse the stores in relative peace for most of the afternoon however at around 5pm it became apparent that she wasn't going to be the only person attracting attention that day.

 "Who is that?!"

"Im not sure but he seems popular! Way to attract a crowd!"

"Heeey stranger!!!"

The easily impressed crowd (including a few people that still clung to Maikiko) All flocked to the strange new man that had manged to cause such a fuss.

Maikiko however wasn't so overwhelmed and simply hung back, relieved to be able to browse the stalls without creating as much of a stir. Unfortunatley it seemed she was not going to escape the whirlpool that surrounded this 'mystery man'.

"Ladies, ladies don't all clamour at once! There's plenty of me to go round! And my good men there no need for you all to buy me a drink... but as you insist!"

Maikiko looked up from the glasswear she had been examining with annoyance. Who on earth did he think he was!? He had a cockyness about him that for some reason she rejected with her every fibre! And what about the fools surrounding him!? Goodness her village may soley consist of village idiots but surely even they weren't taken in by this jester!

Suddenly her unexplainably bitter thoughts were interupted by screams from the crowd.

"You stupid, stupid wretch! How dare you!"

The shout came from Mr. Suzuki, a controling man, who lived in the east of the village. It was aimed at his young wife Otome, whom had been part of the crowd surrounding the stranger.

"Please dear dont! I'm sorry!!!"

Mai was reluctant to turn round but she saw the reflection of Mr. Suzuki in the glass bowl.

"Sir." Came the suddenly cold voice of the stranger.

"How dare you tell me how to talk to my wife! She was here fawning over you like a teenager! She deserves all she gets!"

Maikiko spun round, her dark hair flying, to look at the scene. She saw the arm of Mr. Suzuki speeding down toward Otome, When the stranger was in between them, catching the angry mans fist in his hand. They stood there for a moment, the stranger facing the ground, his face obscured by his flame red, mid-length hair when he looked up straight at Mr. Suzuki.

"If you are going to attack someone..." he started in a low threatening tone. (That for some reason made Maikiko shiver.)

"Make it me." He said, cockyness returned, and he drew a long katana from the sheath he carried. In a flash Maikiko dropped the glass and took the opportunity to sweep Otome into the ring of silent spectators. In the meantime the stranger had his katana now trained millimetres from the petrified husbands neck.

"F-f-forgive m-me!" stamered the pathetic man, hands raised helplessly above his balding head.

The stranger lowered his blade and sheathed it.

"If i ever hear that you have threatened a woman again."

He didn't need to finish the threat.

Maikiko then swept in, like an angel, to calm and disperse the ring of dazed morons she called peers.

"Now, now everyone! Today is for celebrating! Lets allow these men to go about their buisness shall we? The celebration officially begins at 9pm so lets all just calm down and look forward to it!" She cried in the sickly sweet voice she hated so much, put on her most angelic smile and allowed the crowd to pounce on her, begging for reassurance.

Whilst everyone clambered around her she watched over their heads as the mysterious stranger jumped onto a nearby roof with apparant ease. He mouthed the words 'thank you' to her, before running off into the approaching dusk.

The End

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