The shrine festival

Maikiko put her blanket over Yuki before heading down to the main hall to find it in an absolute frenzy. There were nuns rushing everywhere with mops and buckets and brushes and cloths desperately attempting to make the thousand year old building look new. Mai loved the busy atmosphere so, although there was nothing in particular that had to be done by her, she rushed around too. Unnoticed by most of the other sisters, just enjoying the vibrant atmosphere.

"Tokuten! What on earth are you doing!"

The harsh bark came from the high nun, Sister Gow. She was a fearsome woman who somehow (to Maikiko at least) resembled a pipecleaner. This was probably due to her being tall, thin and covered in hair. She seemed to hate everyone and everything in equal measure, but whenever something in particular got on her nerves, her thick moustache wuld bristle and her eyes would nigh on pop out of her skull.

"By the gods themselves why are you running around through this place like its a fun fair! You are only getting in the way! By me you are a complete waste! Why if i had raised you instead of that softie Morii prehaps........"

Maikiko had spent her entire life at the mercy of that woman and knew what to expect. She saw the eyes pop and the moustache bristle which was her clue that this was the time to switch off until...

"I dont even want you here! Go outside and make yourself useful! And dont come crying to me when you wind up in hades!" The tall overbearing figure rose up on the balls of her feet and looked Mai right in the eye.

The young girl looked right back up at her, appearing slightly puzzled and stated innocently

"But sister surely if i were in hell I would be dead right? But surely then logic dictates that I would be unable to cry to anyone."

She then ran as fast as she could out of the temple and into the forest which covered the mounatin, with cries of "Insolent child!!!" echoing behind her.

She stopped halfway down the misty mountain filled with forestry and took in the peace. She loved the forests on the mountain as no-one would ever disturb her while she was there. It was like she had an entire world all to herself. She headed to the south west of the mountain where she knew was a beautiful lake which she claimed for her self and kept as her prized possesion.

The little lake (more of a pond really) was situated on a shelf of pure white marble that sat in the middle of the forest. It wasn't too deep, at its deepest Maikiko could just about touch the floor with her toes, and it wasn't to shallow, at its shallowest she could sit down and be submerged up to her neck. The water was a pure, turquise colour and you could see right to the bottom of the clear white basin. However Yuki was right, it was going to be a busy day, so Maikiko decided to relax in it later, before the shrine ceremony dance which (Yuki forgot to mention) began at 9. So she strolled down the mountain and it was 10am before she reached the town centre of Kolar.

The End

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