Maikiko Tokuten, was born in kolar temple. She was born happy. She naturally found the joy in the little things, and yet, somehow, over 18 years her natural spirit was gone. She was all dried up. Broken...

It was five in the morning and the stars above Kolar temple shone so brightly it looked as though you could reach out and catch one. The sky was so black in comparison it was almost frightening and the air was crisp and cold, as always it was in this magical, peaceful time that she woke up. She snuggled into her blanket and tried to enjoy the peace for what little time it lasted. She braced herself.


She opened her eyes with a sigh. She did love sister Yuki, she was the kindest sweetest woman in the world, so why was it she so heartlessly insisted on shattering the peace?


Maikiko begrudgingly sat up just as Yuki burst into the door, tripped over her own feet, did an unchracteristically elegant flip, and landed neatly on top of her.

Sister Yuki Morii of Kolar temple was a sweet elderly lady who had raised Maikiko from childhood. She was rather fat, which was in some ways a blessing as it meant she didnt wrinkle and as result didn't look her age, however she did have a tendency to get over excited and perspire a lot. This was one of those occasions.

"Mai! I need you! I've gone blind!"

She Wriggled out from underneath plump, sticky nun and stood up to light a candle.

"Oh."  Smiled the, rather emabarrassed Yuki.

"Sister Yuki you shouldn't be running around like this you are very old!" Maikiko cried in mock dispair as she helped the nun up and lowered her into a chair.

"I know but it's force of habit. Anyhow don't you know what today is?."


"Well I know that much! But I was talking about the shrine festival! We have much to do there are going to be many tourists in town wanting to visit the temple! We're going to be soooo busy!" Exclaimed the excited nun. (Sarcasm lost on her simple mind.)

Maikiko knelt down to face her guardian.

"I know sister and I'll take care of it. It's ok you can rest." She then planted a gentle kiss on her cheek. (A rare display of affection.)

Confident in her ward, the elderly nun lent back in the chair, the folds of her kimono spilling over the sides, and nestled her head down into her many chins. She sat like that for a moment before the soft sound of her gentle snoring informed Maikiko that she was asleep. Maikiko let out a large sigh and flopped down onto the tatami mat she slept on. She looked around the familiar room, with its old shoji screen leading to her beloved balcony, the chest she kept her clothes in just to the left of her western style door and the old armchair which was groaning under the weight of the elder nun. She smiled to herself before heading out onto her balcony.

She looked up at her sky filled with her beautiful stars. She was happy with her life at the temple, but she was 18 years old and had never been outside Kolar and she was growing bored of her surroundings and the peope who she knew. The only company she ever had were the endless villagers who always called on her to advise them or listen to their problems. She fought back the hot tears pricking at the back of her eyes. How is it that a person could be so lonely when they had so many friends? She watched as the scarlet sun rose on the horizon and travellers arrived and began to set up their stalls for the festival. Maikiko glanced back at Sister Yuki and her room, then gave one final, wistfull look up at the sky before heading back to her room.

Maikiko pulled on her everyday kimono just as Sister Yuki began to stir. The old nun peered at her beloved ward through her sleep blurred eyes. When did she get so beautiful? She had the most pure pale skin and her long poison black hair was so soft and sleek. But by far her most elegant and unusual feature were her bright red eyes. Lord knows how she got them, but in Yukis opinion they were a blessing, not the curse some of the more naive villagers thought at first. However Yuki knew that Maikiko wouldn't be able to stay in the temple with her forever, no matter how much she might want that. And she knew the day would come where those gleaming, crimson stars would be no more than a memory for her. She sighed to herself. And soon after allowed sleep to claim her once again.

The End

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