Horse ride gone bad.

Just a story I am trying out.

The morning was still young and fresh the rain was dripping down. Emily was standing outside in the rain to feel the cold drops on her warm face and to smell the freshness the rain brought. She listened  to the soft patter of the rain as it came down all around her. She felt like the rain was slowly washing all of her troubles away.

Suddenly she felt a ton better than she did before. All of a sudden she remembered it was time for her to go to the stables. She had to take Sahara on her morning outride even in the rain. She slowly saddled up the horse and said to herself: " Hopefully nothing will go wrong today." She took the trail into the forest that se knew all to well. The rain on her face and on horse back was the kind of therapy she needed after everything that had happened she never in her whole life could think that she would be where she is now and it was sure hard work to get there. Lost in her own thoughts suddenly Sahara got spooked by something on the trail. It took a while to calm her down but eventually she settled down so Emily can get off. She couldn't clearly see with the rain but as she got closer she saw a injured deer. Looked like the poor animals leg was broken.

"What to do now?", she thought

The End

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