Start traveling away from the town!Mature

You run away as fast as you can, tripping and stumbling along. You finally stop to catch your breath and find that you are in a forest. You begin to walk, but you begin to hear a sound coming fom behind you. You stop and listen.

Crunch, crunch, crunch.

You turn around a see a little girl. She looks about seven. She is very pale and has long, black hair. "Are you feeling tired?" she asked. "Very, very, tired?". You think about it. All that running has made you pretty exhausted. The girl smiles. "I can make you feel better." she croons soothingly. She gestures toward a dark and seemingly abandoned cottage that is falling away at the seams. You think about it. You are tired, but after all that has happened today you are not sure you can trust her, even if she is a little girl. You decide to...

The End

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