You jumped into a hole that was fairly large. The drop seemed endless with dirt surrounding you. It flies everywhere as you hands hit the sides. You scream as loud as you can, but you know that no one can hear you. You try to look back, but all you see is darkness.

You let your hands brush the sides of the endless tunnel for comfort, but that comfort becomes fear, and that fear turns into panic. You scream louder and you realize that the hole is getting smaller and smaller the farther along you go.

You flail around in the tight space as you become more and more aware of the situation and you decide to stop your self. Digging your nails into the dirt that was becoming harder and harder, you finally come to a stop. You breath a sigh of relief as you hang there by your fingers.

Then you feel something on you fingers. You look behind you, just in case someone or something was following you, then to your fingers. Your eyes go wide and you scream again, for the thousandth time, as you see works all over your hand! They slide up your arm as the make their way to your face. You let go of the sides and you shake all the worms off, but then you see a dead end surprisingly.

You hold your hands out and you get ready for the impact.

The End

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