This branch, it's confusing. It's a black, tangled mess of confusion. The gnome before you cackles and falls, its cogs failing, its noises ceasing. Then the metal box that encased you falls away, you breathe the clean air soothes your throat, your lungs.

But then something falls, ash, drifting down in flurries. Beyond you, you can see a town. A town sitting on the horizon, it's ablaze with flames, lapping at every stone. You are drawn to it.

Like a moth to a... flame

But careful, a moth that gets too close burns.

But as your luck prevails as you near the town the flames disappear and disapate into nothingness. You find yourself in a dull town, perfectly okay.

If okay is what you would call it.

The beating of wings are in the distance, the low bark of dogs. But they seem far away. You turn around and the town continues, not the field you had just come from at all.

The fog descends, obscuring your eyesight and you...

Well, what do you do? When you're in a town.



How do you find your way? What do you do? How will you escape? How will you...


The End

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