Door TwoMature

You are in a dark room. The blackness is so absolute it seems to consume your whole world. You reach out for walls and find none; Your hand simply sweeps through the inky void, uncovering nothing save a feeling of great desolation. You are alone.

You begin to walk, slowly at first, groping blindly for something solid in an empty abyss, searching in vain for something you know you won't find. Your pace quickens and soon you are sprinting for what seems like miles, though at the same time nothing at all. Suddenly, your foot catches on something and you fall, hard. You hear the gristly crunch of a broken nose.

With one hand you search for what tripped you, while the other contains the liquid gushing from your crushed nose. You find the obstacle and learn that it is simply a small indent, jagged around the edges as if carved there with a knife. You grasp it and pull, and a small section of blackness slides back, revealing a rough rectangle which glows with a bright white luminescence. You shield your eyes, the blazing light overwhelming them. Still cupping your bleeding nose, you drop into the bright hole, undaunted by potential consequences.


The End

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