Horror Excuse

I started making up an excuse for wishing someone a happy birthday late on facebook, it turned into a horror story.

Hey there, you will not BELIEVE what just happened!  I was going downstairs, at about 9 am, to get some breakfast.  I went to my cupboard to get the cereal (it's a full person size cupboard that you walk into),  it was REALLY dark in there. I had to feel around to find the cereal.  The door closed behind me (probably someone opening the kitchen door, they are very  awkwardly placed doors).  I went to open it, and it WASN'T THERE!  It was just GONE!  I could feel a wall there exactly where the door should be.  My heart starting racing, I just felt around the rest of the room though, and I sort of did a  standing trip, I just leaned forward to much, because the rest of the walls had gone, but it  was in complete darkness.  There was just this one wall where the door was and the cupboard seemed to have gotten a lot larger somehow.  I just closed my eyes and covered my ears for a few minutes.  After this I opened my eyes again realising nothing was going to happen.  I started  banging on the wall and screaming and crying, something like "THIS ISN'T  FUNNY!!".  I looked around, trying to see anything in the darkness, I couldn't see ANYTHING.  I started to hear a banging though, very slight, somewhere quite far away, which freaked  me out, since I had no idea just HOW BIG the cupboard was (if it was even actually the  cupboard any more).  I was terrified, but I wanted out, so I followed the sound, I was scared  of stepping on something, but I didn't want to be crawling around, my mind had already started making up all sorts of things that could be in there with me.  As I got closer and  closer to the sound (I must have moved at least 20 metres already, this place was HUGE) the feeling of wanting to run away from it grew simultaneously with the feeling of wanting to get to it as fast as I could.
As I got very close to the sound I realised I must either be right next to the person, or they were on the other side of some wall, I felt out in front of me, I felt a door!
As soon as I was about to open it though, I heard the scariest thing I've EVER heard.
It was my own voice, screaming and crying "THIS ISN'T FUNNY!".
I took my hands off the door, then began to hear the door handle rattle, I walked quickly and silently away, not wanting to run for fear of being heard.
The footsteps, there were too many, it COULDN'T have just been one person.  I could hear them following me, I sped up to get back to the door, there were SO MANY footsteps, it sounded like a whole crowd!
I started running, so did they, I hit the wall, it hurt I'll tell you, but it was wooden now.
I got up and felt it, there was a door!
I opened it as quickly as I could, went through, slammed it shut behind me.
I looked around, I was in my room upstairs.
Then they started banging, hitting the door, so loudly, trying to get in, I wouldn't let them, I held the door shut.
Then I heard the voices, it was my parents, screaming to let them in, I opened the door, behind it was the hallway upstairs, my parents with a frightened look on their face, saying I had been screaming and banging on my door and they had rushed up to see what was happening.
I was covered in tears and shaking, my mum sat down with me.
She asked "bad dream?".
I said no, I'd been up for an hour or so already, she looked at me and laughed.
Then she said "You woke up at 11?"
I said no, I woke up at about 8:30.
She said "Even so, that's way too late!  Why were you asleep till 8 in the evening?!"
I was absolutely shocked!
It turned out, it was now about midnight, I am SURE I had only been in there about 30 minutes at the most.
Anyway, I checked the clocks and looked outside and it was dark and the clocks all agreed.
I was far too shaken up to sleep, so I just went on my computer.
Anyway, this is the reason I missed wishing you a happy birthday in time.
Happy birthday Chris!

The End

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