Dream, Little ChildMature

Darkness. The Precursor of Light. The unending void.

That was where I was now. I lashed out blindly, trying to discern where I was. Hell? Some twisted form of Heaven? No. I couldn't be dead. 


I screamed out her name. No response. How could there be? A voice whispered around me in the darkness around me. The words weren't intelligible. But as I tried to listen closely they got clearer. 

"Come to us, Oh Child of Flesh, Come to us, Oh so sweet and Fresh."

I didn't understand what it meant. Then two eyes appeared in front of me. Yellow eyes. They gleamed with malicious intent. A mouth appeared beneath them, filled with long,jagged teeth. I was paralyzed with fear. The mouth opened and I glimpsed something in there. Something horrible. The mouth spoke. In the voice of the little girl.

"Why didn't you play with me?"

"FUCK YOU,' I roared at it, feeling braver then I did. The face smiled at me. Then it darted towards me and swallowed me. I grabbed onto it's Uvula before I knew what I was doing. I screamed again.


The darkness exploded into whiteness. I fell into it it, the evil face disappearing. There was no ground and I just fell. I thought I would fall forever. This couldn't be real!,' I kept telling myself. Not real! Not real! Not real! NOT REAL!!!!! I stopped falling. I just seemed to hover there. Then I heard a voice. Not the Demon's voice or that little girl's voice. It was familiar. Rosie? No, it was deeper then Rosie's soft tones. It was talking to me.

Sam. Sam. It's time to come back buddy. C'mon you can make it!

I blinked once. The whiteness started to fade. I blinked twice. Figures started to appear. I blinked three times. The whiteness disappeared completely. I was lying on a couch in a room. "Uhhh,'I groaned. Suddenly I was being hugged by someone. It was Rosie. "Okay, I'm Okay,' I said, pushing her off. She was sitting beside me. I looked around for the source of the other voice.

And saw him.

He was a tall man, with black hair and an olive complexion. The same features as me. 


The End

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