"Get away from it Sam,' Rosie screamed. I waved the stake at the girl or whatever the hell it was. It hissed at me and spoke in that creepy little girls voice.

"Pathetic mortal! Such petty tools will not help you!"

The girl leaned it's head and looked at me, grinning as blood ran down her/it's  dead face. There was a long wailing sound and she disappeared. Rosie crept over to me, her eyes darting everywhere. "Is it gone,'she asked in a whispery voice. "I don't know,' I replied. Just then a voice started laughing. But this wasn't any kind of normal laughter. It was demonic. It got louder and louder. Rosie screamed and we both fell to our knees, covering our ears. Then the voice spoke.


Then suddenly the laughter stopped. "I...I think it's gone Rosie,' I said. She nodded then froze. I spun around and saw her. She was right next to me, still looking at me lopsidedly. I tried to dart away but before I knew it she opened her mouth, wider then any Human could, and sunk her teeth which had grown long and sharp into my arm. I screamed with pain and dropped the stake, batting her with my arm. Just then Rosie appeared, with the stake in her arm and with a shout she buried it into the demons head. At once the demon let go. I collapsed onto the floor, clutching my bleeding arm. It stood there for a few seconds, not moving. Then it turned and started to walk away. Rosie was kneeling down beside me, crying my name. I blinked once. A small girls voice said in my head.

"You are mine...

My vision went black.

The End

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