Don't you want to play?Mature

I was death and darkness, blood and bone. My body reeked of innocence that I desperately wished to shed. The first had fallen, yet still I was but a child. The occupant of the brain cried out against me, screaming till her own ears rang. I bit her tongue and held on until her cries ceased.


The child did my bidding, stumbling forward towards the ones called Sam and Rosie. I smiled at them, reveling in their horror at the undead body of the young girl. I reached out for Rosie, tangling my bloody child hand in her skirt. Grimacing up at her, I hissed with the voice of the girl,

You found my sister, I see. Would you like to join her?

Rosie screamed, slapping my hands away, backing up against the wall. "What are you?" Sam demanded, holding a wooden stake that had once been part of the downstairs railing. He waved it threateningly at me. I'll admit he was smart for taking something earlier on to use as a weapon, but the wooden stake could not stop me. I reached my hands out towards Sam, smiling with my bloody, torn face.

Don't you want to play with me?

The End

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