I slammed the wicker basket shut. I couldn't do the same for the wallpaper, though.

Blood. Why was there blood?

Why were there bloody handprints and a toddler's corpse in a basket?


I twirled at the sound of my name and saw Sam standing the doorway.

"Are you okay? I heard you scream."

I was still shaking as I pointed at the bloody wall. Sam looked in the direction I pointed, squinted at the marred paper.

"Yes, it's a bit of faded rose-pattern wallpaper. Why were you screaming?"

I stared at my friend for a minute, wondering if it was a I'm-going-to-trick-you-because-it's-fun thing that was typical of Sam.

If it was, this was really not the time.

"S-sam, there's blood on it..."

The End

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