Horror Collaborative: Free-For-AllMature

Free-for-all horror collaborative that anyone can add to, and can add as many pages as they want. Mature so as not to ruin anyone's fun.

The room was almost bare, the faded, flowery wallpaper torn and hanging in strips from the wall, the net curtain yellow with age and flapping violently as a the glass in the windows was broken, allowing the weather through. I suppose it had once been a feminine room, a young girl's perhaps. There was a tall, splintering wicker basket in one corner, and a wooden box turned on its side behind the door.

I switched off my I-pod, the blaring Warbringer song wasn't helping my concentration, and walked over to the wicker basket. I opened it, finding something wrapped in a yellowing sheet. I unwrapped the sheet carefully, eager to investigate.

Inside the folds of the sheet was a dead child, no older than two years old.

I screamed, trembling violently and uncontrollably with fear.

A glance around the room uncovered a few dried, red-brown handprints on a piece of wallpaper that was only clinging to the wall by a few inches.



The End

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