Horrible Truths - Page 2Mature

But their little girl took after her father more than anything and that terrified him. Her fuse was short, her will made of steel and she was prone to bitterness, even at such a young age. But she had her mother’s kindness. None of her grace, but all of her heart. And it was that that Sandor hoped would save her from going down a dark path as she got older.

“Father!” Minisa yelled as she ran through the trees, snapping him out of his thoughts.

Sandor turned around and watched as she made her way toward him, her beautiful dress muddy and matted in places. Sansa would have a fit when she saw it. This only made him smile more.

“What is it, little pup?” he rasped as she ran toward him and hugged him tightly. His rough hands smoothing over her crazy mess of hair.

Minisa peeked up at her father with a huge smile, blue eyes shining, “Ed found a hound in the woods and took it to mother! It’s our sigil, Father! Can we keep him?”

He sighed. It was never good when Nisa and her brother teamed up on both their parents. Sandor was weak when it came to his children.

“We’ll have to see what your mother thinks,” he tried to keep the laughter out of his voice.

Nisa started to whine, her tiny hands gripping onto her father’s tunic. “Please!” she begged. “He’s such a lovely shade of brown with a white chest and white paws. And he’s terribly scrawny. We have to keep him, Father! He won’t survive in the Godswood.”

“Enough.” he tried to speak harshly, but it barely phased her. “Leave it be until we speak to your mother.”

The End

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